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Hi Ken. 

Hope you're in good health. Basically I have gone right back to the start of volume 1 and 2 and started over again. I
am really concentrating on keeping my jaw really wide open and focusing on breathing from the stomach and also using mask (like you suggested (which I feel is really helping me. Ken I am really determined to get this right even if it takes years I really dont mind. All I can say is that even on a 'heavy' number such as this one, I feel no ill effects with my vocals at all. Also even if the vocal samples I send you need working on thats great as far as I am concerned because who is better qualified than you to point things out. You've been a great vocal coach and I truly respect your critique not to mention the inspiration I get to keep truckin on. I WILL get there I promise.

PS. I did enter this in the vocal evaluation section but Rob Hart suggested I post this on your forum.

All the best Tom 

Here is the track - "Made In Hell"


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    Because Ken hasn't made it by to comment, I thought I would at least say H-E-double toothpicks-oh. ;^)

    Ken is the most super-busy guy I know, getting up at the crack of dawn and doing webcams until the midnight hour quite often... plus he was last seen cruising the streets of Barcelona at a high rate of speed!  I'm not sure where in the world he is tonight.

    Vocally, you are on the right track if you are concentrating on keeping your jaw open as wide vertically as you can, maintaining belly breathing, while continuing to introduce mask into the overall mix.

    You are correct in realizing that this is a lifelong development you have embarked on, and the fact that you say you feel no ill effects seems to indicate that you are managing your airflow properly, as your vocals on this recording are by no means laid-back.

    There are a few times that the vocal sounded a little harsh and overdriven.  I'm not sure if that was intentional for effect or if the record level was a little on the high side.  Your pitch sounds accurate, but due to the levels of the instruments and the amount of effects on the vocals, it's a little hard to evaluate your vocals thoroughly. Given the energy of the song and your performance, I understand why you mixed it that way. I'm a big fan of Too Much Reverb, too.  A more plain-Jane vocal demo would offer more opportunity for pointers and tips, but this clip does demonstrate where you want to go.

    I'm in no way as qualified as Ken to critique your voice, but since you posted and Ken hasn't made it by yet, I thought I would at least say howdy.  I did feel a little uncomfortably hot while listening to the song.  Think I'll cool off with a little Iced Tea!  Whew!


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    Hey Bob. Thanks for your input. Yeah the vocals are pretty aggressive but it was how I thought it should be done not necessarily how IT should be done. So you needed some ice tea....well maybe the effect I was intending was OK then!!!!...ha.
    Anyway cheers for that I will post a few more tunes I have recorded (that are much more contfrontable audio wise) 
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    I wasn't able to listen to this demo.  I kept getting to pages wanting me to fill out a bunch of Reverb Nation forms and questionaires, which I'm not interested in, and I couldn't seem to get past all of those obstacles. 

    Maybe you can copy it onto soundcloud or dropbox, or perhaps someone else can get to it on Reverb Nation.



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    Ye that link just sends me to the frontpage of reverbnation so it's not just you Bob.
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