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Problems with Diaphragmatic breathing

I have had this issue ever since I started doing the course

Whenever I even simply try following the way Ken breathes in and out with the diaphragm my troath starts tensing up immediately and keeps on getting tenser and tenser the more I try doing it. I'm not even singing yet.

I have been thinking it might be a sort of habit from mine as I always sang from the throat before.

So I wanted to ask what the feeling of diaphragmatic breathing is. I try inhaling into my lower abdomen and then push down using my inner muscles somehow but it still hurts.

Could you guys give me some more exercises please. I tried the one with the book but my throath still tenses up.

I tried following the videos again for the 20th time a while ago and now my voice feels very hoarse and weak. So I didn't want to try again till I ask here. Could you guys please help me?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Do you have the KTVA course? You're kind of asking us to teach you the course methods. This is covered extensively in the student areas of the forums, and it can still be difficult to explain, despite all of the information provided.

    If you have the course, you can request to get student access to the sections that cover diaphragmatic breathing.

    We're happy to help people who aren't taking the course with basic things that can help them, but specific help and details of how to implement all of the elements that the course teaches is covered in the student areas.

    If you're taking the full KTVA course, follow the instructions in the link to get access to the student areas, and we'll point you at many discussions about this topic and answer specific questions if you still need help. It can be very confusing to some, and is key to gaining command of your voice.

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