Christian from Norway

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Hello there

Christian from Norway

I apologies if this ends up to be a double post as i made one earlier but for some reason it has not shown up after 24hours so im guessing it had some issues. This will be the short version

Anyways. Im 36 and trough a manic episode i wound up with the guitar that i love for the 20th time or so and figured i just gotta try singing now even if ive thought i couldnt all my life. To my amazement i have manage to learn 2 songs and my pitch is so much better now than when i first started that i actually start to believe in myself. Now i just pray that the medicine i just started on will keep me going trough the depressive face of my fun bipolar head :)

While doing this i discovered Ken's course and made the plunge, ive just started doing volume one focusing mostly on pitch for now. Surprisingly i can actually do The sound of silence in Garfunkels key, not great but its there. Here are a couple of examples of my singing. They are about 2 weeks apart. Last is is non warm try on the sound of silence, like said its not great but i appreciate all kinds of feedback. Really looking forward to years of singing and following my dream

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    Hi, Christian.
    Welcome to the forums. This will be a long road. We're all on a journey that is very gradual, but over time, brings on big improvements in our voices. Settle in and stay regular with your practice. We all have to be patient with ourselves, as there will be plateaus and even valleys along our journey. When that happens, just keep looking towards the horizon, because breakthroughs come periodically, but sometimes we don't realize that they're about to happen.

    Just keep singing and practicing, and you'll do fine!

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