Hello fellow dudes and divas. Don here and I hail from the great state of North Carolina in the US. I have been singing since junior high, high school and university but have never sensed the confidence and strength of voice I wanted. Have worked with several coaches with which I progress but am never was completely satisfied with the incremental progress. Yes, I know the music theory, could read staff as I play wind instruments but voice has always been my favorite musical instrument. So glad, I stumbled across KTVA. After, a couple of videos I knew this was what I needed to further develop my vocal skills. All of the classical vocal technical aspects are there but there is the addition focus on the physicality of the voice, the need for stamina and applicable vocal exercises to meet those demands. Ken's instruction is detailed, practical and most certainly applicable. He demonstrates his instructions and explains the "why". Also, great service. I'm working from Asia, and Daegu, South Korea. Couldn't find my files after payment! Panic. Sent an email. An answer was received within an hour. Thank you. KTVA. Time to study voice and get to work!!! So happy to be a part of the global vocal community!


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