im crying, need opinion

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i ask this question in my other post "i am the walrus". i would really like an opinion.  the part " I'm crying " i hit a G4 ,G#4, A4. do these notes sound good enough to sing in public? i need your "honest" opinion. because i hesitate to sing that high in public. not that i am going to sing that song , but i have other songs that go that high that i want to sing in church. also, would this be considered  belting?



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    You are getting there.  I would say there are a couple of places you could focus some work on in the song and then it would be good enough to sing in public.  First of all, you HAVE sung this song in public, here on the internet. But there are a couple of places that are the kinds of things I go back and work on and get right before I consider the song "ready for Prime Time". 

    You run out of air on one of the "I'm Cryings" because you let go of the note before the backing track has finished it.  That's an indication that you need to work on this portion of the song a little more to get the support stronger (All of us are working on that).  The notes don't sound that bad, but you could get more confident with it, and support again would be a key for that. 

    I went back and listened to the whole track, and found a couple of places that I would take back to the woodshed to make it a complete masterpiece:  at 0:44 Waitng for the Band to come falls a little flat.

    Then later Dead Dog's Eye is the same riff, same notes, same needs a little work.

    And again "Eiffel Tower" is the same riff again, same notes, and also needs shoring up.  The timing is off a little in a couple of places.  Make sure when you are recording or performing that you are really in the groove of the song rhythmically.

    If you go back over these parts, practicing them again and again until you nail them hands down, you will have this whole song in the palm of your hands. 

    Don't be discouraged.  I was amazed that this was the same Mike Ivison I heard about eight months ago trying to do a LAH!  You have come a LONG WAY, and if you honestly critique yourself, analyze where you need to do some polishing, and then do that work, you will have finished songs that you can sing publicly and have people tell you honestly that they really like your singing.  I was totally impressed with your progress!

    When you work on your worship tunes, record them and find the weaknesses, and turn them into strengths!  Then go out there and sing your heart out... in public!!!

    As to "Is this belting?"  Well, it's getting close.  Usually belting is going to be a little more explosive than I'm Crying, but you ARE beginning to extend your range, and you ARE doing it with volume... belting would normally push a little harder, if I'm not mistaken.  

    Keep on keepin' on, Mike!  You really ARE getting there!


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    thank you so much for your advise. thats what i wanted to hear!  i too can hear my shortcomings. it's good to get external opinions though
    P.S. as far as the belting goes that's all i got. so they'll have to get use to it! LOL
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    The good thing about recognizing your weaknesses is that you can practice those particular areas and strengthen them.  Next thing you know, you have to look deeper and deeper to find the flaws.  It's called improvement, and you're well on your way to becoming better and better!


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    Mike, if I recall correctly you have a lighter tonality overall but you are really putting in an extra punch in that phrase.  Obviously if that's the interpretation that you want to convey then go for it, but I think that you would back off the accelerator there and just use your natural sound to lightly caress it you would nail it.  Hey, it seemed to work for the original singer there, whatever his name is...
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