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Why some singers pretend to be superhumans (and people believe them) ?

viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
So many singers say things like
"I never warmed up my voice nor did I ever work on my vocals. I just sing when I feel like it,thats all. No training,no whatever."

What do you think about this? Sounds so stupid to me. These guys are pretending to be gods. They want people to think they're superior and only them can sing. If you ask me,thats play talk.

Most people believe that,which is just sad. I didn't begin to sing earlier because I believe those folks.

You know,once my aunt attempted to join a choir (her voice already ranged over 4 octaves) yet she had no pitch at all. People in that choir couldn't stand her lack of pitch so they said she was no good. They said people eigther have or lack pitch. They didn't even mind traininh her ears. They just said she should give up and so did she.

What do you guys think about all that?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,320
    I think that some people have a harder time than others in training pitch. Same with singing. But I also think that it's a lie that singing cannot be learned and that pitch cannot be trained. Some people are not willing to help others, or don't want to take the time to help others, and yes, also some want to feel superior to others. Kind of a pity. If only your aunt had found someone to help her get a grip on pitch. She might have become a great singer.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,320
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    I think it only becomes arrogant if a gifted singers (or anyone, really) matter-of-factly states that pitch cannot be learned, nor can good singing. I, for one, know better (not because I think I'm superior, but because I was a terrible singer, and now I am much better than that, due to learning).

    To tell others that they should give up if they are not gifted is arrogant. Not all poor singers become great. Not all "great" gifted singers retain their voices, partially because of arrogance, in thinking that they don't need to learn safe technique.

    I'm certainly not against gifted singers. I would be one if I could. But since I can't be gifted, I can be a much better singer than I would be if I had never studied technique. And I want to help others to learn what they can learn so that they can realize some of their dreams of being a better singer.

    Good manners and kindness to others can be learned, as well. There have been a few gifted singers who missed the boat when they were handing out kindness and compassion and lending a hand. God bless them all. We want to help gifted singers keep their gifted voices with good, healthy technique.
  • viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
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    I personally can't believe that "gifted singing" stuff.
    Anyone can say "I never trained nor warm up". Most people would believe that,no matter how good you`re at singing.

    However,if someone come up saying "today I woke up and realized I can speak Chinese,Korean and Japanese at a native level" would people believe them? Hardly.

    Having an accurate pitch sense,good suport and a large vocal range does matter a lot. However,I don't believe people can master all those things without training and studying.

    Thats,however,nothing but my particular opinion. I respect those who disagree with me.
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,320
    Oh, there are very good singers who never studied and never have to practice. God bless them all. The rest of us have to fight, tooth and nail to get to where they are. And may they never suffer from vocal failure, due to not really knowing how to sing with good vocal health. There is a difference between sounding fantastic, and actually knowing how to prevent hurting your voice. I would love to have been born sounding as good as some of the singers I have worked with, but I wasn't. Some of them don't sing as well now, as they used to. I sing better now, than I ever have.
  • viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
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    I'd say we're all natural to,at least,some aspects of singing.
    Some of us find range expanding to be quite easy,others have an outstanding sense of pitch yet take much more effort and time to stretch their voices.

    I presume even those so-said "gifted" singers will take longer on develeoping some aspects over others.

    Unlike my ears,my range improves fastly. I'm learning to enjoy that.
    If my sense of pitch was perfect yet my voice took a long time to develeop,I'd probably think "I wish my range grew faster".

    We must find out what we're the most "natural" to in everything we do and embrace that,as well as mastering what we're "unnatural" to.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 2,111
    Considering the fact that Im learning to be a singer, Im in this for me and the people I will be entertaining. I really dont concentrate on what others are doing or saying. It takes time away from what I want to do.
    Even when I run into cocky musicians (and thats a daily occurance) I just be myself, and remember that other people may be going through some stuff, and thats how they compensate?
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