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Hey everyone. I bought this course for my daughter when she was about 7 or 8 'cause I wanted her to do this with me so that we'd have something to bond on. Mostly I wanted it. I practiced for a few days (this is when we had our last apartment) and I noticed a crazy difference right away. Well we lived in a not-so-good area and skipping forward we had to move back in with my parents. It's almost impossible to practice here due to certain family members who are irritated with or without sound. I packed up the ProBundle dvds and put 'em who-knows-where. The itch to want to sing never left. It's now 2017 and seriously I keep watching KTVA videos over and over and over and sometimes lose sleep over it 'cause I wanna catch up to these wonderful singers so badly. I don't see myself singing in front of a crowd in a stadium, but rather to a crowd in a big church or at a family birthday party or in a karaoke competition. Maybe. But the desire is there. My daughter is about to turn 11 and she's back to wanting to sing with mommy. YES!!! I don't know that I would want to be famous just because 1. weirdos, 2. any past dates or loser ex-bf's telling everyone "Ya we used to date", 3. old friends or angry ex-coworkers saying "She's not all that people make her out to be. She doesn't even sing that good anyway", and 4. people I no longer talk to (for a reason esp. 'cause I got saved back in 2014) might try to sell information about me to paparozzi. I worry that if I would ever become part of a Christian band, people in my past would go around saying "She's no saint. She has no right singing Christian music." How do artists overcome these anxieties? Anyway, I still strongly want to sing and strengthen and challenge my vocals. I'm overexcited, overanxious, and definitely overthinking it. Can you tell?


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    Go for it! As your voice improves I think some of those worries will begin to disappear. I share some of my recordings of my singing practice with friends... this is something I would NEVER have done a few short months ago.

    The positive feedback is really nice. They know that I am not perfect, but they are usually pleasantly surprised.

    There will always be haters and it's best to ignore them. Because truly, it is that they are so unhappy themselves that they try to deflect it on to someone else.

    Become great! The difference in just a short time will be noticeable. Then imagine what could be possible with a year of solid practice! Don't let people who are unhappy and afraid in their own life hold you back.
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    Thank you! Thank you! This means alot that someone responds to me. Thank you for your advice.
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