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what do i need to improve? looking to enroll on the lessons

can you rate? and can you please the wrongs in my voice?

im thinking about enrolling to the ktva singing lesson, because i had a laryngitis then my chest voice came down from A4 to g#4

oh here is some sample from smule https://www.smule.com/Baaahj

i love singing bonjovi, aerosmith and radiohead songs. but i think i kinda damaged my voice :( singing the high notes

your opinion is very much appreciated. thank you!


  • baaahjbaaahj Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2017
    i think the pitch thing is due to my difficulty singing anything above E4, i have a low natural tone, my speaking voice is between f4-g4. and i cant do ken tamplin's guide on tongue placement :| I have a HUUUUGE WIDE short tongue :|

    anyway my tonality changes drastically e4 above and ever since i got the laryngitis, bridging my passaggio got really hard now.

    oh! if you dont mind, on the creep song if you dont mind, is the my belt on a4 good? my voice cracked there when i was descending on the notes, is there any way to prevent that?

    anyway thanks! i will really try to improve my pitch and tempo :smiley:

    i think i got vocal nodules now.

    edit: one more question haha, am i actually using mixed voice or head voice?
    i dont know if im actually using mixed voice or head voice or am i just dragging my chest voice?
  • karinekarine Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 38
    Hey !
    I only listened to creep, love that song.
    Like Blondies said, you have to work on pitch, mostly the end of the phrases. You go down.
    But you have a nice voice.
    In the course there is a section to work en pitch.
    You have good material, I really think you would do a good investment running the course and you will improve all.
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