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Ken, I find that in doing the warmup exercises it is difficult for me to get the type of breath where my lower stomach expands the way you've demonstrated in the small break between scales. I usually have to quickly exhale the remaining air in my lungs first before getting the abdominal expansion through the inhalation and there is little time to do this--which is the way it is often when singing songs.

I'm finding that simply concentrating on allowing the air to drop down (almost like down a chute) into the bottom of my diaphragm pretty much does the trick but I also don't want to develop a habit that will keep me from getting the maximum air and support possible with each breath. I'm curious to know your thoughts on this matter.


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    Hi, @TenorBlue!

    It takes a while to change old habits, but it can be done.

    Generally speaking, you should get used to being able to instinctively estimate the approximate amount of air you will need for an upcoming phrase or scale, and release the air in a way that you won't have to dump any excess at the end of the cycle. You'll just be ready for another quick intake.

    Give it a try for a while, regarding using the belly breath. While your drop down the chute method may work for you, you should see if you can expand your capabilities by adopting what Ken is teaching. He's not making this stuff up. It's based on years of bel canto training.

    You won't have to do it so obviously after you've adopted this style of breathing as your normal breathing for vocalizations. But to get started on it and learning it, it's a good idea to follow Ken's instructions.

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