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Smoke on the Water (in my case...in the air)

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With all the forest fires going on in Alberta and BC, there is a noticeable haze in the air.
What's more, it is the harbinger of some pretty bad air quality index readings.
I didn't pay it too much mind, but at rehearsal last Tuesday, I realized just how much that smoke was affecting my throat.
It didn't affect my air control as I am locked down like a bagpipe :-p
But the drying out of my cords, the slight burning sensation associated with exposure to smoke (even when countered by lots of water) really played havoc on my vocals.
Of course I was able to hold it together and get through 3 hours of singing and playing, but let's just say it wasn't a walk in the park.
Have any of you experienced something like this? What did you do to offset it?

I am thinking maybe a small personal vaporizer to inhale moisture right into the affected areas just before singing?
But as I said, I am totally open to suggestions, especially the tried and true ones




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    You may want to protect your voice by wearing at least one of those paper masks. I dont know how close you are to it, but if you can see it, its well over enough to accumulate when you inhale.
    I used to work on houses after they burned, and you want a mask rated no lower than a P90.
    I use a P90 or a P100

    Peace, Tony
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