Hard-/Sleazerock Demo! (3 songs inc.)

DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
Hey there!
So I recorded our first 3 songs with my band this summer and since it's been a while that I posted something, why not share it here :)
The first time ever for me recording in a real studio to be honest and the first time using my upper range :)
I will post the other two aswell if you guys wouldn't mind or even like it.

My technique is far from perfect, I can't tell honestly, however it works pretty fine for me, my voice gets stronger and stronger and keeps increasing in range and control, I can't complain at all!
Indeed since I was in studio, my voice just kinda blew up in regards of control, practice is key!

Very happy about any feedback! :)



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Very Pro-sounding recording, and you hit some killer notes in there! Congratulations on getting to this point with your band's progress and with your vocal progress!

    Be sure to post your other tunes, as well. I know everybody wants to hear them!

    I do!
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    DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    Hey bob! Thanks alot! We tried to give it the best sound we could come up with and our studiosession was just terrificly smooth!

    I'm actually still at Volume 1, which is weird for such a long time I know, didn't have my lesson with ken yet, I still ain't got a place to do the session, but I'm making progress nonetheless x)

    Will surely post the others, we will release one every week now!
    The feedback is actually much better than expected, really happy with it :)

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    Sounds really good. I can picture it being on my local rock radio station. Great Job
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    DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    Thank you lots! Sadly it will take a bit more time now to release the other 2 songs, another band in the states claimed the same name, so we have to change everything and probably have to reupload the video aswell. However we just made the 300 mark on facebook and it seems that people like our sound so far, just more motivation to work on my voice even harder! :P
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