Critique my singing.. for the first time by the script

halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
So me and mah cousin were havin some fun doing karoke

any feedback would be much appreciated :) 


Thanks :D


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro Posts: 14,936


    It's a little pitchy.  You do have a pretty good range, but instead of placing the notes, in some instances you are reaching up to the notes and not quite nailing them.  The overall quality of your voice is good and you do have a good sound. 

    Your pitch inaccuracies may be a function of poor monitoring of the playback  tracks, or just not paying enough attention to the pitch cues from the backing tracks while at the same time listening carefully to your own voice in relation to the tracks and making the necessary adjustments.  

    Is this both you and your cousin?  It's hard to give feedback on two people singing unison.


  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50

    my cousin sang along with me i did most of the singing :D

    i probably need to work more on my pitches :D tnx for pointing that out bob!

    im gonna work more on them pitches bob :D

    tnx for your input!!
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    @". Needs more support and open thoat. Same goes for consonant sounds. Can't really hear much vowel mods as well. :o Probably should work on that~
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    @kokonuhtz yeah maybe my throat was closed down

    i definitely  need better support DEFINITELY 

    as for vowel mods yeah I need more work on that too

    thanks for your critique :D

    plz do tell me more on the points I need to improve :D
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