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it has been some time since my last update, so I`ve decided to post some tracks of songs I`m currently working on. I decided to record my version of Somebody to Love by Queen and Maybe I`m Amazed by Paul McCartney and his Wings. Queen songs are just timeless classics, especially this one is very close to my heart. I didn`t know much about McCartney and Wings before KTVA, so thank you for bringing up the good stuff.
Please, feel free to listen, your comments would be much appreciated.


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    Nice job on both of these, @Semi!

    I really like your tone.

    On the Queen tune I would suggest that on the word "me" like somebody find "me"
    that you make it less like May (aye) and a little more like M-eh (eh like Led). I think it will flow a little better.

    Also, see if you can lighten up on the consonants, especially in the McCartney song.

    The consonants chop up the vowels a lot and make it a little too percussive. You want it to be more legato, more sonorous, more contiguous vowels.

    Another place I think you could practice and make even better would be those "Ooh" melodic lines at the end of the end of the choruses. You break it into several separate, short lines of "ooh". If you can tie those all together into one long lick, that will sound terrific.

    I really enjoy your demos, Semi. You have always progressed so much each time you post. You take a lot of daredevil risks, and aren't afraid. Good for you!

    All the Best!

  • SemiSemi Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 153
    Thanks, @highmtn!

    I know that I overstepped on some lines like "somebody find me" and it sounds a bit forced into another vowel because I was trying to avoid the dreaded EE vowel sound. I know that I need to use more EH like LED up top, but sometimes I can´t get into it properly. It`s the only vowel giving me hard time....
    Thank you very much for pointing out that my consonant sounds need to be approached more softly. I`m still piecing together all the information regarding of consonant sounds. I learned that many of them can be replaced like "B" with "P" or even "V" up top. But sometimes all I have to do is to "mimic" an actual consonant like those harsh "NGs".
    Couple of days ago I had another AHA moment. I was trying to sing Foreigner`s Waiting For a Girl Like You, one line at the time. Everything went fine until the chorus came. I hit the wall really hard. Then I remembered to try it only with vowels. Suddenly, everything was much easier. The very next day I added very little consonant sounds and it went smoothly.
    Thanks again Bob, I`ll try to work more on my legato and soften my consonants even more. I think I`m beginning to understand the importance of the vocal tract shaping concept.

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Awesome, Semi!
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