Hello and my introduction

GoodnWiseGoodnWise Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 1
I was very happy to stumble across Ken Tamplin on YouTube. I love his enthusiasm and teaching style. I purchased the pro course last week and I've already watched the first set of videos a number of times, read through the PDF, and am practicing an hour a day--I'm on my way :smiley:

I have sung in choirs and in some plays (a number of years ago), but I've always wanted to sing lead (not just backup). I've just never felt confident with my voice--I would say it's good but not great. My musical background is keyboard (piano and synth) and a some guitar, so I hope to incorporate these instruments along with improved vocals.

My goals for this set of courses is to "find my voice," increase my vocal range, develop the "ping" as Ken calls it, and gain confidence in my singing ability. I've enjoyed reading through many of the introductions in this discussion group--lots of cool people. Good luck to everyone here!!


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