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Hey guys, Ben here!  Just bought the 3-volume set today, can't wait til it gets here so I can get started!  Been playing guitar for about 10 years now, and figured it was time to sing... I never was very confident in my voice, since it's quite deep so I just assumed it'd be impossible to sing rock tunes.  Luckily I decided to give singing a try before giving up; I struggled just to hit an E4 before starting, but after trying Singing Success I've been able to manage a D5 on a good day!  Albeit very light and heady, no balls at all!  So when I saw this program geared towards rock singing I was more than excited to give it a try.

Here's a sample of my singing before I begin the course, it's me singing Pearl Jam's "Alive".  As you can tell it's shaky at parts (even off rhythm since I couldn't hear the background music over myself, haha!), so I can't wait to see the improvement that will come from KTVA.


While I wait for the DVD's to arrive, it'd be nice to have some feedback from that.  Looking forward to starting from a clean slate and seeing where this takes me, and nice to meet you all!  :)

PS. Just wondering, will this program help me extend my lower range as well?  Don't wanna only focus on my higher register and leave my natural boominess to wither, haha


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    Hi, Ben, and welcome to the KTVA forums!

    Your voice is going to grow like never before once you get going on Ken's exercises.  Your upper AND your lower range will extend.  You will also improve your tone.  This is going to be very different from your experience with Singing Suck Cess! 

    Your sample shows your strengths and your areas of opportunity.  Ken's videos will show you how to brighten your tone, which helps to improve your abiltiy to discern pitch.  This is an area of opportunity for you, as at times your pitch is great, and at other times, it's not where it should be.  Learn to listen to the sound of your voice while you are singing, compare where you are to the reference tracks you are singing along to, and make corrections to keep yourself spot-on with regards to pitch.  You do have a pretty strong voice already, but it's nothing like it's going to be after you start following Ken's instructions.

    Your demo you posted as a "before" sample is going to turn out to be very different from your "after" demos.  Keep 'em coming, it will be a learning experience for us all!  Ken says to record yourself as much as possible and listen back if you want to fast track your progress.  I suggest you do so, and give yourself honest feedback with regards to pitch. That will help you move along to where you want to eventually be, with a new, monster voice, and razor-sharp pitch!

    My best to you,


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    Thanks for your feedback Bob.  I checked out the complimentary link yesterday to get started, that Ha Ha Ha exercise, surprisingly, took quite a bit of effort!  I always thought I sang with enough support, but I guess there's always room to improve.  I've accepted that I'm going to have to leave everything I learned about singing at the door and build up the basics properly this time around.

    Will definitely be posting my progress regularly once the DVD's come in.  Thanks for all the helpful information!

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    Hey Ben, this program will improve all aspects of your voice. It does focus on the highs, but you will also tighten the lower range. Just follow Kens example, you may feel that you sound too bright at first, but work with it and you will see improvement. Your sample sounded good, the pitch drifts a bit, but using a brighter timbre in your tone, and good support will help. All the best, you are off to a good start.
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