"Bite it" Original Song Nr.2

So here is the second song with my first band :smiley:

It was a really though piece for me to sing at first, but now it's among the easiest in our repertoire.
This time I tried to really get to my limits in chest/mixed voice and put back my strong headvoice for a song.
Tell me what you guys think :wink:



  • singing_veteransinging_veteran Member Posts: 11
    I'm no professional, but when I do the mix on songs I record, I always try to think of it as a mountain, with the vocals on top, then guitar under, bass and drums on about the same level and so on. From what I hear on this one your guitar is on top. The vocals are a little buried most of the time... and bring the drums up some too. Otherwise good song, everything sounds good.
  • I liked it. At first I thought the vocals were flat in spots, but as I listened it seems to work for the song. It's got that Iron Maiden/Judas Priest feel to it.
    As far as the mix goes.......thats always subjective, but the rule of thumb is that the vocals and drums should be the loudest instruments in the mix.

    Peace, Tony
  • DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    Thanks guys^^ Yeah it's a demo after all, we're gonna take some time for the mix on the next recordings, especially on bass aswell.

    That odd first few seconds, we really tried to get that flat feeling out of there, it just didn't, live it works without any problems but on tape it was always so "flatty", it was by far the "weirdest" song on our demo and also the most difficult one.^^
    Also youtube kinda fucked the mix up after those 5 days when they start to change especially the loud ones.^^

    However I learned alot since the recordings in june, my voice just kinda exploded after those demo sessions, in range, control and tone, I'm really looking forward to release new stuff, the people seem to like it aswell :)

    Will keep any feedback on my mind!

  • KaiEllisKaiEllis Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 215
    @Dariolicious love this song. Those opening riffs are killer. Your Iron Maiden vibe is infectious. Props to everybody in the band. There's some great musicianship on display. And great band name! Agree with the comments about the mix, but that's just a learning curve, got no doubt your next release will be even better.
  • DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    Thank you Kai! It's the mot "heavy metal" song on our demo though, usually we have a bigger hard rock vibe ;) Looking forward to record a killer single soon, also developing our own style for sure :)
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