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How to sing classical music with ktva?

Hello :smile: first at all i want to thanks Ken Tamplin for their lessons and Bob for their support on the forum .. thank you very much .. because of your help its the first time in my life that i really believe i can be a professional singer i am very grateful for all

Well . recently i have entered on an classical music choir and its very hard to me to sound more operatic .. i dont know how can i go from a brigth masky rock singing LAH to a more operatic one .. what can i do?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    edited September 2017
    Cover your voice more. Classical singers tend to use a "covered", darker sound, with rounded lips, instead of the Smile and bright sound we use for modern pop, rock, and R and B.

    Keep the open throat, but let the lips cover the upper teeth and you'll get more of an operatic tone. Extend the lips to make an even deeper, darker sound. Lower the larynx if you want a deeper, more baritone sound.

    Really open the jaw.

    Mimic some operatic voices from YouTube. Be a mockingbird and copy the tone and style. Use too much vibrato, all the time.

    To blend in with others, use too much air and not enough timbre.

    That should give you a good start.
  • WalterMeloWalterMelo Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO Posts: 77
    I think i understand now , thank you very much :)
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