Hi Folks

Hi, My name is Joe, and like most everyone here i cant remember when i started singing but i was young. i used to sit with my grandmother and watch shows like

Dean Martin and Elvis movies and sing with the black and white television. My voice was very high and my dad used to call me squeak as a joke.

When i was in 6th grade I tried out for choir but the music teacher said i didn't sing very well and that maybe i would be better in some other activity. It didn't

really bother me because i just loved to sing, even by myself.

The next year in Jr high, I had to pick a club or take study hall. I chose building model cars but that club filled and all that was left was boys glee and study hall. I

took the glee club and was fortunate to find a teacher that liked my soprano voice. She had me singing parts with the madrigals right away.

What a difference a great teacher makes.

I soloed every time the school performed in the district. It was still fun. My music teacher also was assistant choir director for the Chicago symphony

orchestra children's choir and before the year was up i was trying out for that choir and was performing solos in operas like Tosca. It was an amazing experience

This however was when it all stopped being fun for a 12yr old. Because i had asthma and was always practicing, many parts i had to learn phonetically because

most of the performances were in Italian or Latin, my parents were always afraid that i would catch some cold or have an asthma attack or injure my throat

so i never got to play anymore. It was like being grounded every day. That was it i was done singing in the choir i never wanted to go through another season


Briefly in my late teens however i had tried to sing rock and roll with a band. That was my favorite music, but I couldn't make that transition from

classical music. It was really hard on my voice to even try and a huge failure. It really trashed my confidence too. I pretty much kept my voice to my self for 40

yrs. My wife didn't even know i could sing till 3 years ago when the music director at church asked me to join the choir and become a cantor. That was how

private i had kept it.

Now here i am about to turn 60 and people that have heard me sing at church have asked me to join they're "old guy rock band" to sing at picnics and parties

Singing rock and roll is still very hard for me and my voice isn't really where i want it to be in general. I don't want to sing badly and I still love singing as much as

i did when i was 3 or 4 and singing with the television.


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    Get ready to rock your voice, Joe. It won't happen overnight, but you'll be rocking before you know it, and I don't mean in your rocking chair.

    You're going to do fine. You've got Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy ready to show you how to use your voice in ways that none of the others you've sung for in the past knew how to do.

    This program works.


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