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Hi Everyone,

My name is John I'm an absolute beginner to singing and I'm 21. I can play guitar, and I would really love to have a decent voice so that I can sing while I'm playing guitar. I've never committed to trying to develop my voice, but I feel like I want to now.

I really struggle with the very basics. I've watched so many youtube videos on singing for beginners, but they all seem to advanced. Actually I think my speaking voice is really bad too. It's almost as if I don't produce sound correctly, even for speaking. And whatever this alternate way of speaking I use, it just doesn't allow for singing. I tried using Kevin's "ah" open throat exercise that he teaches in his youtube videos, but even when it looks like my throat is completely open, I dont have a ping and my voice is breathy and muffled. It seems I'm incapable of producing a clear tone. And when I try to sing with my mouth open, it just doesnt happen. Actually it seems I can only sing or speak when my throat and mouth is really closed. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    You need to get the program and follow the instructions. You can then post video of yourself applying those instructions and get help/correction. This program works. You need more than free videos. You need the program.
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