So I'm auditioning for in the heights for the role of Vanessa. I need tips to sing around her range and I'm really struggling in one part of the song 96,000. If you go to minute 4:39 of that song she sings in a high pitch head voice with the "woah" . what can I do???

Thanks, Vanessa...ironically


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    Hi, Vanessa.

    Please be so kind as to specify the url of the video that you want some help at 4:39. There are several versions, and I have no idea which one is the one you are listening to.


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    At 4:39 Vanessa has been singing in chest voice and then goes into a higher chesty/call voice sound, below head voice, singing more into the Mask (frontal part of the face, into the sinuses and nose) on an AH vowel that is very upper midrange-toned and forward in the face.

    You'll want to uncover your upper teeth as you let part of the sound go out through the nasal area. Stay in your chest voice. Head voice will be too soft. But thin out the chest voice sound as much as you can, and emphasize the nasal resonant/naso-pharyngeal ringing to get that sound.

    Support the breath by pushing down on the diaphragm. The notes are high. B4, C#5 and E5. Sing them in chest voice. Bright, light, and tight, with mask.
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    Do you have a a link to a video with a good example of all of this???
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