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Hi guys, just start the programme, I live in Indonesia and i'm just someone who love music so much, and i want to uncover the mystery of singing, since i've been told sucky singer for all my life. So far i've tried Brett Manning, roger burnley, per bristow and Seth riggs I did real life vocal coaching and online as well The reason i get this programme is because i love ken's voice so much And i think this is like a crossroad, since the method i mention above is more like efortless way to sing, which is doesnt work for me to be honest, i mean i want to have a raspy, crispy and manly voice instead of bieber alike voice ( with all respect for JB) And i feel this course is more like hardcore way to sing, for anyone who made progress already, does this method (when done correctly) will become efortless ? And does your neck feel strained after singing this method ? Thanks for having me guys, And sorry beforehand that im gonna ask a hell lot of questions pretty soon :)


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    I'll try to answer your question.  Will singing ever become effortless?  well, not exactly.  You do use a lot of effort when singing/belting.  Effort from the diaphragm and support muscles.  This helps alleviate any stress in the neck or throat area.  Effort level will also be determined by what kind of music you will be singing.  Rock/Metal will take a lot more effort, than R&B.  At first when you are starting out you will be exerting a lot of mental effort!lol.  Keeping the jaw open, opening the throat, providing the right amount of support....the list goes on.  Eventually, everything will start working for you. I think you will be blown away by this program.  don't be afraid to ask questions.  We are all on the same journey.  Enjoy the ride!!
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    Hello, Harry!

    Welcome aboard!!  Many here have come from the same path you are on as far as the singing lessons you were robbed on previously.  Your results here will be much more satisfying, but there will be a lot of work for you to do in order to get there!  The more you faithfully work at it, the better your results will be!

    None of the lessons you had before would ever grow your voice like it's going to grow with the KTVA methods! 

    To answer part of your questions (Scott's answers were right on the money, but I'd like to add a few things, too) hitting those hard-belting notes will never be effortless, but they aren't as hard as they sound.  In other words, you will have to expend a lot of effort to learn to hit those notes and get that overdriven sound, but in part that sound is an illusion!  It's not a full-on scream!  It takes a lot of work and practice to get the hang of it, but you actually will learn to do that belting at a lower level than you think is possible... so in a way, it WILL be effortless, because you won't actually be shredding your vocal cords, it will only SOUND LIKE you are shredding your vocal cords.  Please DO NOT shred your vocal cords, as you are going to need them for a long time and vocal cord abuse is something you MUST avoid.  It's a long road to get to that point, but very well worth it! 

    KTVA is the ONLY program teaching these specific methods, and they WORK!  But the responsibility is yours to learn the techniques as taught and to use them as directed. 

    Fasten your seat belt, and get ready to ride the Rocket to ROCK!


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    Omg , you guys are damn right, i tried to open my jaw and throat, it takes me 4 hours to figured it out, now my voice are vibrating on the back of my throat , sound crisp up to my head like it is a headvoice, but im not sure if it is a headvoice or still a chest voice, because it still sound manly to me like normal chest voice is. And my voice are changing, the way it sound, cuz i tried to maintain the resonqnce on the back of my throat, and hitting an octave above from my comfort octave is much easier... Is this even real ??? And no im not sore or anything, but all of this is only if im using ah sound, if i interpret it to a song, i revert back to my old habit ..... :( And my wife is already amused, like how the hell can you hit that with your chest voice.... Wowowowoowowowow
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    There you go! It is real. You'll find you will hit peaks and valleys. It takes awhile for the muscles to become used to something new just like anything else. Take your time, and you will see improvement every week that goes by.
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