How long does it take to see any improvement in voice?

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I can reach average songs' high notes but its never smooth. So I bought Pro bundled package 30th September, 2017. I have practiced twice in last 3 days but did not see any improvement. How long does it really take to see any significant improvement?

Before this program I also tried Roger Burnley's "Singing made simple 4.0" and Aran Anastasi's "Superior Singing Method."

Can someone en light me. Does this program really work? I mostly sing pop or ballad.


  • @Shafi Your progress will depend on you. If you follow what is being shown, and do the exercises, you should see improvements rather quickly.
    What type of daily routine have you set up for yourself? How are you doing the program?
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    KTVA works, but be patient. It may take some time to really get the technique down and build the correct muscle memory. During the progress your range will grow steadily and you will get more control over your voice.

    as videoace already said, your progress will ultimately depend on you. If you understand the technique relatively quickly, that will aid you in your progress. However, it is important to just stay patient and monitor yourself. I am almost on a year of training now, and following VOL 3. I can sing so much better now compared to half a year ago. So for me it took a lot of time, but boy is it worth it.

    Don't expect massive results in a weeks time. I have the program for years, but wanted results too quickly. Since i took the program seriously, i have come a very long way. Don't give up, be critical of yourself (but not harsh) and join us here at the forum for any questions.

    All the best,

  • ShafiShafi Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 30
    @ videoace and bentk,
    Thanks for responding. I am practicing for 5 days now. I feel my voice has expanded but when I try to sing some song it sounds worse than before. I mean I struggling some notes more than before. Is it normal?
    Please en light me.

    Many thanks in advance
  • ShafiShafi Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 30
    @ videoace,
    I am doing vol 1 twice/day.
  • @Shafi The same thing happened to me when I started with the course. It's actually a good sign. It means that your voice is changing the way it operates when you sing, and the new way will be proper. Just keep doing what the video, and the moderators tell you, and things will start happening.

    Peace, Tony
  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650

    It's difficult to tell what you are doing without at least a thorough explanation or a voice clip/video.

    Actual singing is the other part of KTVA which also takes time. With this, i mean you start learning to implement everything you learn in KTVA. The exercises help you build your voice, and the more experienced your voice has become, the more tools you'll have available to yourself in actual singing.

    KTVA, when done right, will teach you amazing muscle memory. I always like to think of it as the ultimate tool set for your voice. Once you reach an experienced level, you can really start to play with this tool set. e.g. how much head voice, chest, or mask you use etc.

    Patience is a very important factor, but the forum is here to help. You only need to give a good explanation or voice clip.

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    @ videoace and bentk,

    1. Do I have to use all 3 vowel modification when I am doing exercises for Vol 1 even if I can reach the notes in the chest voice in 2 or even 1 vowel Modification?
    2. 2. What is the big difference between Vol 1 and Vol 2? Vol 2 includes all exercise of Vol 1. Does it has longer or higher notes+ more exercises? Can you please give me some through idea.
  • I can only tell you what I do. The moderators here can be more helpful when it comes to technique, and mechanics for singing.
    If you can go through the second LAH scale only using two mods, thats awesome, and means you can go even higher using the third mod. (I would reccommend using all of the mods)

    As far as your second question goes, I haven't even peeked at volume two yet. I'm still fighting with the modifications in volume one myself.

    Just keep watching the video, and doing the warm ups. You'll get where you want to go with time, and effort.

    Peace, Tony

  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
    I think VOL2 is a little more intense and there is more explanation on bridging. It's not super different from 1, but just takes you to the next level. If you are doing VOL1 with ease, then it's probably a good idea to go to VOL2 sometime soon.

    We still can't give you very accurate advice without more explanation or audio. If you don't even arrive at your 3rd mod, try and go higher until you do. You really need these mods to go well. Make sure you are not pushing the vowels too hard, they are there to make it easier, not more stressful.

    Also, remember to not exaggerate the sound of the mods. LAH does not become a complete LOH sound, it's more as if it's the LAH with some LOH in the sound, but not a complete LOH! as in LOFT. The 3rd mod is similar in explanation.

    I hope this makes some sense to you. Don't forget to search the forum for more information.

    All the best,

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    I can understand you would like to see improvements day by day and it wil happen if you keep the good work. If you want to became a singer than as for any art it takes time. I am a guitarist and it took me ten years to be the musician I am now. Singing is going to be the same. Ken has devoted the entire life to singing. Music is a deep activity so take your time and work day by day you won't see a night/day change but a continues little improvement.
    Good luck
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Each person is different. Some take longer, some take less time before they realize that significant changes are happening in the voice. You've only been doing the program for a little over 2 weeks. You'll be seeing changes in 2 months and bigger changes in 2 years. Your voice will continue to improve for the rest of your singing life if you keep doing the KTVA workouts.

    2 weeks is a little early to be moving ahead to Volume 2. Actually, it's a LOT early. The changes you want to see involve actual physical growth, and that won't happen instantly. You will end up having to go back and repeat Volume 1 if you rush ahead to see what's later in the program without actually experiencing the growth and learning that happens as you build the foundation to your voice in Volume 1.

    Patience will pay. Impatience will cost. Getting there is half the fun. This is a journey, not a teleportation. Enjoy the journey. You'll see. This method works well.

    We wouldn't be here if it didn't.
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    @ videoace, bentk, Claude77 and highmtn,

    Thanks for so good answer.

    1. To increase/expand vocal range practicing Male vocal exercise is enough. Will it help to me to extend my range

    2. Ken Talk about extend to B5 or A5 for male. How do I know my voice is increasing that range?

    Best Regards
  • As long as you do the program as recommended, you'll notice your range increasing when you do your scales. After time you will notice yourself hitting higher notes with less effort to reach them.
    You have to be consistent with your workouts to get the results you are looking for.

    Peace, Tony
  • DarioliciousDariolicious Pro Posts: 68
    the very first week I used the programme i actually lost my headvoice back then, which was weird, since my headvoice was always really strong, it was just a way of my voice not being used to sing in chest voice up there, a few months went by and my voice started to click about 4-5 months in the course, it opened up and I was able to sing songs I was never able to sing before, however it wasn't working everyday at first, now it does! It takes time, give your voice the time it needs.... I know that feeling of just wanting to jump in there, but hold a bit back and hang in there, it's worth it! You'll get frustrated, you'll have doubt, but that's all part of the way of achieving your goals, don't give up, but also take some breaks in my opinion, sometimes i just stopped for a week or two and after the breaks I always returned in stronger shape than before :) Good Luck and patience!
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    Watching a motivational speaker named Simon Sinek, he mentions that if you for example want to get fit by going to the gym, like with any other skill it requires time and practice. If you work out and look at yourself in the mirror, you will see nothing. Work out the next day, nothing. It's in the consistency of your training that gives results. Going at it regularly and not just doing it once a week or once every two weeks. But if you keep up the training, you will eventually have experiences where you go "Huh, I couldn't do that before". You may not see it at first because the changes are so gradual and small for you to notice right away. But the things that are worth doing often take a lot of time.

    I hope that helps you :smiley:
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    @ videoace, bentk, Claude77, highmtn, Dariolicious and Magus
    Many many thanks for your response. Can you please tell me if dude exercise is enough for me to extend male (mine) range?
  • MagusMagus Pro Posts: 28
    Personally, I was just singing for fun for most of my life without knowledge of any specific techniques. Because of that, my voice has grown over time, but not as much as it could have, had I known the correct techniques. But if you can, don't be too focused on becoming a professional right away, setting too high goals early will possibly kill your motivation since it takes time to reach it. Instead, enjoy playing with your voice and seeing what you can and can't do. If it doesn't sound right, that means you're not there yet. It will come eventually if you put in the time and practice.

    One method of extending your range is by practicing up and down the scales with different vowel sounds. But don't expect major changes in the first few days. But if you wish to see progress, record yourself today or soon singing a song you like to practice on, and then again in a month or a few to see if you can notice the changes the training has on you.

    Stay strong and true! :smile:
  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
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    The male exercises will most probably help you extend your range. However, if you are a tenor or high tenor, then you might want to go slightly higher on some exercises. But ONLY if you can do it safely, and are not squeezing for the note. You stretch, you don't squeeze with everything you have. Just keep challenging yourself safely. Of course you need to add some more support and open throat technique to get to your higher notes, but there is a difference between using loads of support, and squeezing out your throat for higher notes. As your technique improves, it will become easier to get to your higher range.

    I hope that answers your question. If you can reach the higher notes in VOL1 with ease, then you can add a few more on top. But only if that's the case. You don't want to over sing, or 'squeeze' out the notes.

    All the best,

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