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I am new student of KTVA. :smiley:

I am 25 years old located in the north border in Canada and I'm classified as a baritone according to my vocal range. I have been singing for a few months, starting in May of this year. I have been taking private singing lessons. I felt that it wasn't working out too well and will have my last lesson this week. I do appreciate the lessons but I wasn't learning much. I did most of my learning reading online and watching videos, especially Ken Tamplin's videos. I bought the Weekend Warrior pack 3 weeks ago but decided to upgrade to the full course + Propack. The price is steep but it's a lifetime worth of instructions and I can watch the videos anytime and anywhere. I can still watch the videos 20 years down the road!

I think it's good to be a baritone because I can hit the low and the high notes.

I don't want to provide too much information, hoping to keep this short but I'll give a bit of details.

I did quite a bit of practice singing before enrolling in KTVA and improved by voice quite a bit and was able to get my vocal range from G2 to (In the beginning I can only go to maybe a B4, but extended to the full baritone range at G4 roughly later on.) C5. I can eek out a D5 and E5 but take some effort. Though, I don't think I'm doing it properly since I'm straining to get my voice up there. I hope this course can help me get the proper technique.

I hope to understand the proper techniques throughout this course and to grow my voice at the same time. I am not a professional singer or part of any band, just for my own hobby and also I sing in church. I did post one video of me singing on my youtube channel. If someone discover me later on, that would be cool. I also hope to have the support in the forum for questions that I have, especially on vocal health. I'll post my issues in another section.

Also, I have watched a lot of other youtube vocal instructors and I do believe that Ken is the better instructor out there. I thought I needed a full course, step-by-step, and not just watch a few videos on different singing, head voice, chest voice, etc. And somethings they don't provide all the information like about the voice breaking down. I hope to understand this well. Their vocal exercises do do similar things but a lot of them are strange and don't really explain well. Ken's method of the vowels are like he said, it's practical and you do use it in singing. I have saw a few conflicts among the coaches as well, but I don't think I should discuss that here but Ken makes the most sense out of everyone.

Sorry for the long post but I hope this is a great place to stick around!


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    Welcome, Kevins2017. You're going to like what's about to happen to your voice!

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm also a student here.
    The people here are very friendly, and will assist you any way they can when you have questions/concerns. This course is the real deal. I researched a lot of different courses for 6-7 months until I found Ken's videos on youtube. I instantly thought that this is the guy I want to learn from so here I am, and I'm loving every minute of it.
    I hope you have the same positive experience that I'm having, and you get what you want from it.

    Peace, Tony
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