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Hi all,

I've always loved music and actually began singing at an early age. I had very little confidence and didnt think I had a good voice so I was too embarrassed to sing or practice.

I followed my musical passion regardless though and have worked in the industry for years as a producer, songwriter, teacher and session guitarist. I've finally decided that this is what I am missing out on. There will always be a hole inside where this should be. I've learned most other instruments to a reasonable standard, but always given myself excuses why I shouldn't take singing seriously (Most of them born of fear of failure or embarrassment).

I've decided to have some faith that this will work if I treat it seriously and put in the time. I just want to see what my voice can do. Perhaps I will never reach the levels of my favourite singers, but I can definitely improve it to the point where I will be able to enjoy it and not worry about singing in front of other people.

No more will I hide in the shadows! I look forward to interacting with you all as I improve!

Adam Evans


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    Adam, you may be suprised at how well you can develop your voice. Just be prepared for this to take a while. Like any instrument, practice and self-evaluation will be needed. And TIME. Time is the magic ingredient. If you are not generous with your time, then your voice will keep hiding in the closet. If you spend quality time training your voice, it will amaze you how much it can grow in so many ways. You have come to the right program for the right training. It works.

    All the Best!

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    I was the same way. I've been a musician for....... we'll just say decades lol, but Through all of those years, I wanted to sing, I wanted to be the front guy, but my fear was stronger than my passion. The fear is gone, and I've been working the course, and it's working!
    I'm already singing songs I never dreamed I would be able to sing, and my friends are speechless.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the program as much as myself, and look forward to seeing you around.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thank you for the encouragement guys it means a lot. It's good to get feedback from someone who's been through a similar transition too Tony. Thanks
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    Go for it Adam!
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