Hello from France! :D

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Hey everyone,

I've been a student of the KTVA for a few months now, but never took the time to introduce myself. So here it goes : my name is Anthony Fender, yes Fender just like the guitar brand, no I have nothing to do with Leo (the creator) and I am from France. Actually, I live right next to the border of Switzerland and study there.

I've been playing the guitar for a while (obviously) and to be honest, I don't sing because I reaaaaally want to but because I feel like I have to. Mostly because I am into blues and most of them bands don't have a singer and guitarists but guys that do both. Which makes sense, because you always have long interludes where guitarists jam and it would be weird to have a singer that just stands there and waits lol.

So my inspirations are guys that are not regarded as "good singers" but amazing guitarists (or bluesemen), such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Buddy Guy, BB King...

Anyways, the more I sing and the more I enjoy the process of doing so. Already made some significant progress. I am at Volume 2. Guess I'll be asking a few questions around here.

Btw, I ve been reading this forum for some time now and I am amazed at the quality of the responses that ppl get. Mostly thanks to you Bob. You're an answering machine man lol. Guess taking care of this forum and the KTVA is your full job?

Alright here's one for ya (ya = Bob or the rest of the forum lol), a classic I guess Ha Ha, about vowel modifications. I still have a doubt if i'm doing them right. I think that I read somewhere that if you are not doing them, it is impossible to actually sing the workouts, is that true? So, if I feel like I m singing well, that I m not feeling any weird tension, does it mean I m probably doing the vowels modifications right?

Here's another one and my last one for today, Ken advocates waiting as long as you can before going into head voice, I sometimes feel like I'm hurting my voice by forcing it so much before going into head voice, so should I go into head voice maybe a bit sooner, or is "forcing" on your chest voice the way to make it grow?

Thank ya so much for the time.

PS : English is not my native language, so please, pardon my french Ha Ha.


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    Hi, @FenderBender !

    Nice to hear from you. You may be doing the modifications naturally. They are actually the natural sounds of the vowels when sung at those higher pitches. OR the reason you may be feeling strain up high could be BECAUSE you are NOT modifying.

    You want to stretch your chest voice, not strain. Gently stretching will stimulate growth. Straining will inhibit growth.

    You will find it much easier to always get the good jobs in the good bands, the better singer you become. It's a great investment in your future musical employment security.

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    FenderBenderFenderBender Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 15
    Thanks a lot for the input Bob,

    See ya soon

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