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Ok here goes nothing! :0)

Hi Guys,
Been doing the course about 3 weeks now and loving it!
Would love some feedback on this Brian Adams - Summer of 69 cover please.
It has a long way to go I know that, but I couldn't get anywhere never it, before I started on the course. I am still a long way off I know, but if some of you guys who are a little further on the journey could help me with some words of advice and encouragement; that would be great and very much appreciated.
I only sing for fun and joined a band about 4 weeks ago...hence doing this number! I'm not a rock singer at all and my voice is much more suited to lighter melodic pop but it was great to give this a shot and good fun too. I am also flying the fly for the mid-life crisis boys at 47! :0)))
It is a "one take" that I did after doing Part 1 exercises - I am totally hooked on singing now! I bought a new mic so wanted to give it a try before I went to work!
Thanks for any feedback guys good or bad it will serve as feedback to spur me on!
Have a great day and happy singing!
P.S. Don't know what those dodgy digital artifacts are that start happening half way through the song...my apologies and also the latency cracks me up!!!


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