Hi Bob....Hope all is well with you mate.
First up, I agree with everything you said about my last Demo....Especially about not hitting the first note correctly.
I have litrually gone back to the start again......I just felt my technique was just not right. like I have said before, when I practice (without headphones) it all seems very good and Im comfortable with it....as soon as I record (headphones and all) I go all over the place....my technique breaks down. What I have now done is to practice with the headphones on and singing into the Mic. This is how I have been practicing since I last placed a Demo on here. Just to let you know (apart from a few other things) its always been down to Support AND correct breathing (air management) This is just to cut a long story short.
On this demo I think I am on the right track....I hope....Also on this tune I have not used nearly as much effects on the vocals...dont think I needed to...Compression, a bit of EQ, And no where near the reverb I used to use.
Tell me what you think.....and again, dont pull any punches on this. Its a cool Rocker....Hope you like it Bob.
Cheers Tom


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    Hi Bob. I have included a remix of the above number as well as the first take I did which was a practice job...on Liistining to the 'practice job' it didnt come out too bad. Which one do you think is better (from a mixing point of view.
    And again....Thanks for everything you are doing with me.
    Cheers Bob. Tom

    Practice take.

  • I liked it. Nice tone, but to me, it's still too much reverb on your vocals.
    I always apply my reverb to a track last after I've done my EQ, and other types of processors (chorus, delay, limiters, etc...) My rule of thumb for reverb on a vocal is to adjust the reverb listening to only the vocal track, and when I first notice the reverb I stop, and listen to it mixed with the other tracks. It may sound too dry, but its really not. Anyway, try it, see what happens.
    Some songs depending on the sound you're looking for will require a heavy reverb, but when the backing instruments are dry like in this recording, I like to match the sound of the vocals with the backing instruments so it all blends together better in the mix.

    Peace, Tony
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    @sealrose Love this. You've got that authentic 80s vibe to your singing. That's a tough texture to pull off!
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Hey KaiEllis....Thanks Mate. Will post some more in the near future. Please feel free to comment/critique.
    Comments like this give one a Huge Boost....Cheers Boss
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Cheers Videoace.
    I think I should also listen to the mixed track again the next day or a few hours after mixing...One can get a bit caught up with all the effects....most of the time the first time I place effects onto vocals is usually the correct one. Yes sometimes I listen to the track the day after and go whoooo its 'swimming in Reverb'......I will remix this tacking your advice on board and repost it.
    I have never seen myself as a great mixer, but am willing to learn and get better.
    Again, thanks for you valued input. Cheers Tom
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    Hey All (And Bob) I have remixed this tune again with some advice from Videoace. I think these are really better.
    Sorry to be a pain, but I have posted the remixed versions here (the first one and the practice one) and also left the original mixes for comparison.
    Is this better? Cheers all. Tom


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346

    Hi, Tom!

    I like the second version because your voice sits on top of the mix better. I don't have a problem with the reverb at all. In the second version your attitude comes through better, as well.

    I think this is your best so far. Practcing with the headphones has probably helped you to hear all of the pitch differentiation you may have had trouble discerning in the past, or your ears have just acclimated to a better degree of getting spot-on.

    I have nothing but good to say about this. And you know me. I'm a little bit picky about the finer details.

    Well done.

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    Hey Bob I have just posted remixes of these tunes just as you posted your comments. I think these have come out better personally. Maybe I do get a bit caught up in the mixing.....
    Also, I always great to hear from you Bob.
    Cheers for everything Mate.
    Cheers Tom
  • Now you're cookin! As highmtn mentioned, #2 sounded really good. It sat in with the mix really well.
    #1 sounded good also, but was just a tad high in the mix, but with less reverb it still sounded good.

    Peace, Tony
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    Thanks a Million Videoace. Most valued. Yeah I prefer the second mixes for sure.
    Cheers Dude.....
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    OK for the last time....Promise....a remix (compression, EQ) everything) I also felt I was 'winding up' the compression and EQ too much as well.....(Videoace)
    Last time!
    Cheers everyone for your input and help. Cheers

  • That sounds good, but the producer in me is saying that the lead in guitar at the begining should be dry so the sound cuts through you, and when it all kicks in then add the reverbed guitar, but thats a preference thing for the individual artist. Anyway, awesome job. Keep on rockin.

    Peace, Tony
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  • I don't usually cuss.........but thats bad ass! Sounds really good. I can pick out every instrument in the mix, and thats hard to do with distorted guitars sometimes. Awesome job!

    More cowbell! ha ha

    Peace, Tony
  • sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
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