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Is the “warm-up technique” called ‘vocal-Fry’ safe? How about "Staccato training"?

W.r.t this popularly used “warm-up technique” called ‘vocal-Fry’,

— Does anyone know whether the 'vocal Fry' is safe for my vocal chords; should I use it for warm up (- which is a mtd from my previous singing training),

or what is your knowledge/views about it? Also, is training "Staccato" with scales safe?


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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
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    Glad that helped confirm your suspicions.   I could easily see doing staccato scales with lots of air would cause hoarseness (or worse over time).  One of the things Ken has said is that if it doesn't feel easy on the throat then it's wrong.


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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    Ken requests that KTVA students leave their previous training at the door.  The Volume 1-3 audio exercises should be used for warmups starting with the lip roll and tongue exercises and then progressing through the warmup AH, etc.  I have found this to be the best at preparing for a show, rehearsal, etc...   As far as someone actually teaching vocal fry as a warm-up...I am not buying what they are selling.

    If I am understanding the 2nd question (attempting to run the scales in a staccato manner), the answer is no.   The goals for KTVA students include making the different registers into one smooth voice, minimizing the amount of air moving across the cords, and keeping the throat open.  Performing the scales in a staccato manner would hinder progress (at best) or work against meeting the goals.  The only staccato KTVA exercise is the puff exercise on Vol 3, but that is only to exercise the support.

    Try to do the KTVA exercises as closely as you can to what Ken demonstrates to get the maximum amount of benefit from the program.
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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14
    I see; Hey thanks Voodoo, that was very informative of you. The reason why I put these 2 factors together in one qns, is becos I sort of felt that both the 'vocal Fry' & 'Staccato' (yes -- running the scales in a staccato manner) --- they feel sort of 'abrasive' on vocal chords --- which would be counter to the benefits which the "Open Throat" technique stand for & may contribute to 'hoarse-ness'. I jus needed confirmation / assurance; & wanted to air out all my qns, right before I start plunging into the new journey, that's all.  \\  Yes, I definitely gleaning lots; & excited as I continue :CJ  [Ken is also an enchanting guitarist that's for sure! :-) ]
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    sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    I have tried vocal fry as a light warm up, and i find no greater results than singing lip bubbles, or the tongue exercise.  I do use it when I am singing in my lower register for effect, and it feels quite good.  I've never gone hoarse from it at all.   Vocal Fry is considered an actual register of the voice(below the chest voice).  I have seen it used in other programs as a safe way to warm up, i just haven't seen dramatic results with it.  Like I said, I only use it for effect.  What I like about KTVA is that the exercises are designed to develop the voice in such a way that is effective for actual singing.  Long smooth phrases, opening the throat, good support.  It all makes sense, without a lot of frills.
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