Joining in Weekend Warrior for now.. maybe more later..

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Very excited to be part of the discussions. Purchased weekend warrior about 5 weeks ago and have been practicing daily. I have loved singing all my life and as I am nearing retirement, finally have the time to do something about getting better at it. I love this course and kudo's to Ken for putting together a great beginner course- hope to get one question answered.. I've been working on mastering the Thor group of exersises and making progress. I've also been working with the Xena playlist- which back in high school glee club I was a tenor so it's not that far of a stretch for me...

I assume these are included to help extend vocal range? I'm hitting much of
it in head voice- but it seems to be working.

Is there anything I should be watching for in the Xena exersises? (just
not wanting to damage my vocal chords in the process) Thanks!


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    You're fine as long as you don't strain your voice. If you go into head voice you should be able to comfortably do the Xena exercises.

    In the main course, lots of Dudes like to do the Divas exercises, and vice-versa. If the exercises get too high for anyone (Dude, Diva, Xena, Thor...) you either just stop there or drop the voice an octave and resume. Same thing if an exercise should get too low for your voice. Bump it up an octave or stop.

    We stretch the voice, but we don't strain it.
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    Thanks very much for the feedback! I hope to post something soon for growth tips!
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