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Trying out Ken's program. my thoughts on Brett's Singing Success and SLS

littletaeklittletaek Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
Hey guys, I'm Taeko. I'm new here. 

 I started practising with Seth Rigg's Speech Level Singing method about 2 years ago.
I just couldn't get much volume and power from SLS. 
but i did improve notes over the bridge and my pitch got stable. that was it.

Then, I read a lot about Brett Manning's singing success and it seemed like he covers what Seth did, plus things Seth didn't cover.
I gave SS a go back in May. practised almost everyday, then I experienced something horrible. 
i lost part of my hearing - i suffered from a condition called Acute Low Tone Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
i was NOT totally because of Singing Success but i think it was due to excessive amount of stress and fatigue i was getting. 

I recovered from that condition in mid July. Thank God! my doctor said it's ok to sing as long as I don't go too crazy! 

kept practising with Brett's CDs again, but i never developed power and volume. i recorded myself and i found that I can control well when i sing quieter but when I tried to sing bit louder i sounded terrible.

Then I discovered Ken. man, why did it take SO long to find his system?? 
Just went through Vol.1 videos few times and practising with audio, I FEEL AMAZING!!! 
perfect for me to build foundation after losing my hearing.

on the day 1, I could not even see my uvula and felt so frustrated, wanted to give up immediately.
but i watched the close up video so many times until i finally managed to apply to myself. 

then, something clicked inside me...

definitely Singing Success and Speech Level Singing helped me to get into singing, but i think it was just a warm up. It was like, "one day i will get there" type of thing.

with Ken, it's wild. it was so hard to forget about what Brett was teaching, but I'm following and almost "ironed out" issues already. 
I started practising Ken's stuff only few days ago. and i already think this is gonna TRANSFORM me - from a kitten to a tiger ! 



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    ch1ch1 Enrolled Posts: 14
    edited September 2012
    that's happened to me too

    roger burnley, brett manning, per bristow and seth riggs, all of them doesnt give me a power to go for it

    im on day 2 , and still only feel a great sensation when singing lah and ahhhh , but i still reverting back to the old sls style when singing a song, the whistly sound that has absolutely no power ..

    i have a massive confidence on this program even though the price is almost twice of above programs

    from what i experienced, the sls method is you feel the resonance around your mouth just below your nose but not nasally, while this program, the sensation is far on the back it is like above your throat, on the back of your head and resonating like mad which hitting high notes is kinda easier and more efortless

    but that just the testimonial from someone who only tried it for his 2nd day ;)
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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14
    Hi Taeko, where are you from? I'm from Asia, Singapore. I experienced the exact same 2 things! 1) I've never had any ear problems until after I've been practicing SS's warmups + Mastering Mix. It first mainly started deep in the left ear canal --- like a big "air bubble" inside the ear canal, which wouldn't go away even after I try to do the action of "swallowing", & "pinching the nose whilst swallowing". It would block hearing on the left side; whilst I can hear on the right side. (Only abt 2 times it happened in the right side; but most of the time, it occurred in the left ear canal.) The way to get rid of it is, by "bending forwards + the swallowing action", & waiting awhile till the airbubble seem to go away, then I stand / sit back up again. But usually it won't go away that soon --- I have to repeat the "bending forwards + swallowing" a few times until it finally goes away. (After some time, I forget abt it ; it also sort of went away on its own).  I'm not sure which exercise(s) contributed to this phenomena; all I can say is ---  **Pls note -: If experiencing ear airbubble, do NOT do training with 'earphones' plugged in your ear. That aggravates the condition, sort of causing the air bubble to be trapped inside even longer. ....  **Do NOT use 'earphones' whilst doing vocal-warmup exercices -- especially whilst doing "Liprolls". (During Liprolls, the air  around the cavities of the mouth, throat, nasal, head register, & chest, is vibrating very fast & IF I'm also "pushing with lot of strength" to liproll into the high high notes, the air speed + pressure is quite great. ... (Do note that, I'm not against "LipRolls" themselves) I suspect it's this "pushing into the high notes" during lip-rolls, that's causing the airbubble. \\ The reason I do liprolls into the highest range, is to enable me to later on be able to sing into the "whistle range". But apparently, this "pushing high into the C-above-High C-range on lip-rolls" should not be practiced on a regular basis. At least for me ...)   2) After having trained these programs for over 4+ mths almost daily, I also did experience range-increase including what I wanted -- whistle range; but could NOT sustain singing a song --- had No power, volume & control just like your experience. After applying coach Ken's response to my demo-singing, I now can finish singing a Fast song (- In the past, I couldn't sing fast, "power" songs) --- with better control on breathing (& with enough breathe), support, strength, & with at least enough power-volume above audibility for now. Good that you shared; now I know the possible source of the ear problem... Thanks.  Stay BLESSED, Cheryl :-)
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    DocsexyDocsexy Enrolled Posts: 14
    I had no previous training but after doing Ken's first CD, I noticed massive power and range gains fairly quickly...  I found myself hoarse a lot but that's because I was doing the warmup too loudly...  I'm on the second CD now and I've noticed even more power and range gains, but also my upper midvoice and my transition from chest to head voice is becoming much stronger and smoother...  <3 Ken!!!  
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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    All, KTVA is the absolute best singing program in the world.   All of us enrolled in KTVA have hit the jackpot.  There are many dead-end programs around (including every SLS based offering) that will just take your money and not give much/anything to show for it and possibly even hurt your voice.   Ken has noted on many occasions his disagreement with SLS.

    All you need to do is do the Vol 1 exercises 5 or 6 times week, and try to sound as much like Ken (when he's doing the scales) as possible.   Based on your experience level (or how many bad habits that need to be forgotten) you want to stay on Vol 1 for 4-8 weeks typically.  Move on to Vol 2 when you meet the Vol 1 "graduation" criteria.  Stay with Vol 2 another 4-8 weeks until you can graduate Vol 2, then buckle up and start working on Vol 3.  Always go back and watch Ken's Volume videos for reminders on proper technique (which must be done as Ken says or demonstrates).  There is also a highly informative thread in the forum (created by Kokonuhtz) for Vol 1 students to help.

    If you are diligent for 6 months you will be absolutely shocked at your improvement.  Best to you all.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    It's great to hear of your excitement, and you've just gotten started!  You have many things to learn and much improvement ahead.  Sometimes it will be difficult, but the rewards are worth the effort.

    Give it all you've got, and you will be rewarded many times over.

    Welcome, Taeko!



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    littletaeklittletaek Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
    Thanks guys for your replies.

    Cheryl, I'm from Japan but I've been in the UK for more than 13 years. so strange that my left ear did get that blocked feel, then, changed to distortion in one ear. not only sounds and noises but my own speaking voice was also distorted. I felt horrified because music is everything for me and i thought i can't play/make music anymore. Now, it sounds like there must be some serious risks in SS program. I just followed their instructions and never tried to sing way out of my range. 

    My film/TV music has been so successful that I had tons of music placements in the U.S TV shows (I'm a composer/producer/musician) . Everything was going well for me, but the hearing problem started to kill me slowly.  

    I think Brett is a good guy but he looks very tired in all of his videos, does't look passionate at all. 

    Look at Ken, he looks thrilled and passionate to teach us. 

    SO happy to follow Ken's program!! Worth every penny. 
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    kamikazekamikaze 2.0 PRO Posts: 193
    Hey, that's absolutely awesome! When I first started, the same thing happened. I couldn't find my uvula or make my tongue drop or anything, I was so frustrated! But after a while of just doing it, it started to pan out! :D

    I still even get frustrated sometimes now when things don't work out or go as smoothly as I hope they will, but they're hust roadblocks we have to get over I suppose:p

    I actually used Seth Riggs as well for a brief time before KTVA, and although I wasn't with it for long, I didn't seem to see much improvement. I believe (unless I've heard wrong:0) that SLS doesn't use support pretty much at all, but rather focuses on bridging and lightness. I actually lacked a lot of power (and still do:0, just not as much haha) before KTVA, but there's absolutely been a change I noticed!

    That's so awesome you've gotten into the program! Best of luck!! Perhaps we can progress our ways together?! Lol I'm glad your hearing is better now too! Congratulations on your hard work!!
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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14

    Dear Taeko & all,

    I can't entirely pin-point it down to fault the SS program; It could be becos I myself overly-pushed / trained up the high notes (To be fair, Brett did caution Not to push, but jus do exercises gently). And he's not a bad person (I found a youtube interview which he granted to a young girl "reporter"; he's the altruistic-humanitarian sort) & he has his own style of laidbackness. All humans need to make a living anyway.  \\  For now, I'll just stick entirely to KTVA's program with patience & the mindset of starting from basics / zero :-)  \\  Another thing, do not give in / slip into the zone of 'fear', as it would drive us to --: 'anxiety' > make wrong decisions (& monetary spendings). Have just prayed for you. Prayer always paves the way ahead for us, & keeps us working out of the position of Peace (instead of fear). \\  P.S I'm glad for you abt your career & music-creative accomplishments of composer-producer! (I only have many melodies coming to me, but no lyrics yet. Hah, perhaps you can critique my songs... This is a well-known Japanese song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-e3RRebAlc&feature=channel&list=UL  \\  This is with "whistle-register", the song "Loving You". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8LEiT44QEo&feature=channel&list=UL ) Your path shall get brighter & brighter!  Luv, YAHFavored-Cheryl :CJ

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    littletaeklittletaek Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 6
    Kamikaze, I don't remember Seth mentioning about support, but he did say somewhere about diaphragm breathing happens 'naturally' kinda thing (same as Brett). Seth used to teach Brett. Brett isn't a fan of support at all. 

    yeah, Cheryl. I know Brett is a very nice and funny guy. seen most of his videos ( I used to subscribe to SS videos).
    it's just his techniques are not enough for rock singing or other styles which require more power and energy. i did not sing higher or lower than I can when I was on SS program, too. cos I didn't see any point of going too low or too high anyway. 

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    crscrs Enrolled Posts: 46
    Support is never touched upon in SLS.  And when it is brought up, it's about breathing in the same way one does when one speaks.  So essentially if you're not used to breathing while talking, then that habit is going to traverse into your singing because they lump up singing and speaking into the same category when there is scientific evidence that they are completely different activities.
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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    Taeko, anyone that doesn't stress proper diaphragmatic support or says that it happens naturally is not correct.  Good support is a learned and practiced set of multiple concurrent techniques and is "the engine" (Ken verbatim) for open throat singing.  Ken really, really stresses good support and includes support examples in the video for Volume 1, and all of the audio (Vols 1-3) provides reminders to check your support during the exercises.  

    If you want to get "all you ever wanted to know and more" about good support, check out the "Support Mechanism" webinar Ken did in July. 


    And you are right, Ken is absolutely committed, passionate, and excited about teaching anyone and everyone how to sing.  The regular webinars he does for us enrolled at KTVA are on his time, he'll respond to questions on the forum when he can, and he also answers questions he gets from people who haven't ever bought anything from him.
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    mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    i had 6 personal lessons here in fort worth with one of bretts associates . in person not on skype. at the same time i had just bought ktva 1st level. ken talked about support .so i ask my teacher about support and he said i shouldn't think about that. i knew then it was time to move on. by the way i payed for 10 lessons. but after lesson 6 i never went back.
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    VinziantVinziant Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I completely understand vvhat you guys mean. I actually just started the first volume a vveek ago. I've had singing success + mastering mix doing it for 3 years, also vvas a voice major for 2 years a baritone/bass, and yet on my third day of using this program, after putting the breathing, posture, then the open throat AH and bright timbre together there vvas a snap in my head and my voice never felt that easy to use and so relaxed, but yet sounded amazing. I only had one experience in college that i had felt that feeling and heard the sound before and that vvas doing a vocal lesson and i accidentally did the correct thing and all my voice teacher said vvas alvvays do that and i had no IDEA vvhat i did smh, but this program is vvorth it all dovvn to the last penny. To be able to sing again and again in the right vvay even in just doing a scale; it sparks life back in my dreams of pursuing music. 
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Cool Story, @Vinziant!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Former SS students are among the most astonished new students at KTVA...  It's as if the shackles have finally been lifted from their voices, after being told that singing large was all wrong...

    What a joy it is to release the voice and let it soar!

    Great Post!


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    findmyrealvoicefindmyrealvoice Member Posts: 7
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    What I've found incredibly frustrating, having studied voice now for over 20 years, is how complicated (and sometimes contradicting) some of these SLS and other vocal teachers (Robert Lunte) are making the process of singing. Ken IMO is actually the first pro to (a) clearly define what vibrato is, and (b) has developed a complete program that is well paced, gradual & super easy to understand and (c) is tailored for the rigors of hard rock singing. Well worth the money invested. Players shell $1500 on a guitar because it's a tool they need to
    Best express themselves and for what Ken is offering, for singers this is a no-brainer. Cheers.
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    twelvedesigntwelvedesign Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 239
    I started experiencing a problem with my left ear that sounds very similar to what @littletaek and @YhWhFavored described. I was not doing any SLS stuff, just KTVA, so I would not attribute it to different programs.

    I didn't go to the doctor yet, but from reading around there are all kinds of things that cause this sensation (mine seems to be due to a very mild cold, or allergy). Singing simply aggravates it.
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    olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    If you get a blocked ear from singing its usually wax...i have experienced this in the past.
    If its your left ear do you sleep on your right side?
    Ear wax mostly clears itself when you sleep and whatever side you mostly sleep on the other side will tend to clog up.
    Showers are great for clearing ear wax.
    Just tilt to the troublesome side.
    Better than cotton buds.
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    PabbsPabbs Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 9
    Also been doing SLS/Singing success/IVA (Institute for vocal advancement) for years and my biggest problem with it was that it has 2363636262 different exercises and different sounds, each one for a different purpose...which ended up being very very confusing

    Yes, I could fix my bridges and stuff but I couldn't sing with a high volume or have a big voice in the high notes, it was a thin sound (I'm a tenor and I want to sing the big big musical theater songs for tenors, like The phantom of the Opera style)

    Just tried this method for 3 or 4 days now and not only I can feel the conection in the bridges but the voice is getting bigger, more resonant and it is eaisier to sing. I can feel that finally after so many years I am on my way to have the voice of my dreams.

    Thank you ,Ken!
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    hponesanhponesan Pro Posts: 4
    I did Singing success for two month....its a trap1!!!!! It weems like u r improving,but actually, u lose ur real singable vocal range and volume as well.
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    viniciusoliveiraviniciusoliveira Enrolled Posts: 303
    All online coaches except Ken sound amateurish as hell to me.
    That's why I'm doing his program. And from the reviews I've read, its the only one that really works.
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    CherieCherie Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 122
    I sat in front of my computer watching YouTube approx 6 years ago, in the months following the death of my father, & I had this amazing, beautiful, universe revealing moment of wonder and discovery that what I wanted more than anything, even glazed donuts, for the rest of my life, was to become an incredible singer! I know this is a silly, dramatic and maybe even ridiculous description of someone no longer in their 20's who might still be an eccentric dreamer or some kind of nut. I am definitely old enough now to accept my quirks. Most of the time, I am completely realistic and proper but I have learned to own up to the fact that in my soul I wish very hard for impossible dreams and so I may seem a little eccentric.

    The first vocal instruction CD sets that I subsequently found on the internet were the Singing Success sets. I bought all the CD's! In the year following, my big plan was to get on a plane, fly to Nashville, stay at the Opryland Hotel, take a week of intense lessons and then enjoy the rest of my life as a fabulous singer. That didn't happen. I know it would have been a really fun trip but I did follow the CD exercises at home in my study a few times each week. I also took various local singing lessons along the way. Some lessons were reasonable and made some good points. Some were a way for me to spend money.

    The subject of "support" and proper breathing was briefly mentioned, at times, at my various lessons, but it was never presented as a central, foundational technique so I never really did anything with the idea. The subject of vowel modifications was never emphasized either. Not like here! I did learn, eventually, that I was murdering my 'r's' so I completely eliminated 'r's whenever possible. I learned that I needed much more chest voice for pop singing! I knew I needed it but I didn't know where mine was or if I ever had any to begin with. That search was disappointing.

    The first time I recorded myself, I was mortified, embarrassed and devastated all at the same time. It was a big stab to any self confidence I might have had. I tried finding different vocal coaches hoping someone would be able to help me change my voice. I remember thinking, I wish surgery was an option for me. My request of each vocal coach was always the same every time. "I just want to sound good. " And in my head I was thinking, "because now I sound like an idiot."

    It was Christmas, 2014. My son surprised me with a new vocal instruction set. It was the KTVA Pro set. He is a businessman, a finance guy. I think he saw the late night spoof on the internet and thought, "I'll surprise Mom with these CD's for Christmas. This should be entertaining!" I was all excited. After Christmas Holiday, right off the bat, I scheduled an in-person lesson in Orange County with Ken Tamplin! My son lives in OC! I would drive to his house for the weekend, have a lesson and then be a fabulous singer for the rest of my life!!! It was so exciting! I got a new outfit and went to the hair salon before I left. I may have had my nails done too. I wanted to make a nice impression as a potential, new incredible singer! I was ready to discover my voice or I guess have this new coach figure it out! I briefly listened to the beginning of CD #1 before that lesson. I had no time because I had to pack, get my hair & nails done and get the new outfit. Well....I had a Garmin navigation thing, I found the place by myself and I had the lesson. Boy, did that lesson ever go by fast. Ken Tamplin was extremely nice, professional and used the time, as he no doubt realized he had to, to introduce me to the program and get me started on the basics as much as he could. It was a LOT of new information. I didn't really know what to think about it but I did know the breathing part was a brand new idea for me and was really tough.

    I went along with life in general for the next almost 2 yrs at times thinking about those CD's and that lesson with Ken Tamplin before I realized I should give this program a try! My singing had inched along as it had since I started the singing quest. I still had the same vocal deficiencies so why not do this? What did I have to lose?

    This last March I began again. This is where I am now. 4 plus months into it. I'm on Vol 2! I am not incredible yet but I know more than I did! I am giving my voice time and practice. I am not going to give up. I don't really want to try any other vocal programs. I think this one is the truth.

    It's a long story. The span is coming up on 7 years. I still remember my Universe revealing moment and as nutty as it may have been, I think it actually meant something. I do dream of a trip to Hawaii a lot. If I ever get to go, I know it would be a magical trip and a dream come true. I would concentrate more on vocal preparation than my hair.

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    karinekarine Enrolled, 2.0 PRO Posts: 38
    I love your storie !
    Never give up on our dreams !!!
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