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Resuming to sing after two weeks of sore throat

For first week i had sore throat, and for second week, i was coughing and my pitch was normal and my throat was not aching even when drinking water. Now i have two spots near my tonsils, tonsils r not swelled now but my mouth is red little bit. I m vocally comfortable and physically too, can i resume my singing as it will not hurt in anyway? It s been two weeks i didn t sang :(


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    bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
    If you are unsure about your tonsils and it is not improving, then you should go see a doctor. We can not possibly know the cause.

    I had an ordinary cold a month ago or so, and i tried to sing now and then. Just less than i normally would. But i can not judge your condition, therefore it is difficult to give you advice.

    I've seen some advice on the forum to sing through a cold, but that depends on the condition you are in. Sometimes the cause of a sore throat can be a serious infection, it might not be advisable to sing then. I think you would notice if you have a serious infection.

    But again, please seek the advice of a doctor when it comes to the medical aspect.

    All the best and i hope your recover well,

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    MmkMmk Member Posts: 22
    Taking homeopathic medicine, it is a lazy soldier u know, so i would not sing for more days, that was helpfuk
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