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Condenser cardiod mic

Hello everybody,
I need an advice. I am thinking on buying a condenser mic to make better recording of myself. I am not gonna spend a lot of money just want to get decent quality.
At the moment I am recording using a SHURE SM-58 that is a very famous mic but for live purpose.
This is the mic I used with my band a lot time ago just for gigging, not recording.
My recording set is: garageband, an audio interface and my mic.

My question is: is it worth to buy a real recording mic or it doesn't make any different if you do not use all the other gears that Ken talks about that I won't buy at this stage?

I can find easy second hand condenser mic at cheap price here but I want to knok if it makes a better difference just with my set?


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353
    edited October 2017
    You would probably like the difference that a condenser mic would have over your SM58. It will make your highs sparkle more and probably add a little deep low, as well. It won't have as much mid-sound as the Shure.

    Almost any condenser mic is going to have a range of about 20 - 20,000 hz. A Shure dynamic normally has a range from about 90 -15,000 at best, with a little presence bump around 3.5 khz. In general, a condenser will give a sound that sounds more "studio- quality" as long as you get the levels set right.
  • With a condenser mic, as highmtn mentioned is a more crisp sparkling sound, and you don't have to be right up on it. You can be a foot away and still get a great vocal track as to with the sure sm 57, and 58's you have to almost eat the mic to get optimal sound, and that creates more pops in the mic. I look at the sound of each mic as the condenser being bright sounding, and the cardioid's as being more dull sounding, but I actually prefer my 57 over a condenser. I like the raw sound of it. People say I'm missing out, but I have both, and use the 57.

    Peace, Tony
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