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well i got discouraged and stopped singing for about 3 years but I'm back!I have a question. Is any one in the program that is over 50 or 60 years old who has started the program in this late in life. Just wondering. I'm 61 and still at it.


  • How are ya? I'm 53, and just started in july. I thought it might be a bit more taxing on me because of age, but it's really been going well.

    Peace, Tony
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    Awesome, have you done any demo tracks
  • I have a few things posted here, and also did a collaboration with another student in the program.
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    Hi, Mike. Nice to see you're back. No need to be discouraged. If you get back on the horse and ride, you'll do fine.

    There are people of all ages here, from very young to very not-so-young. It's always a journey, wherever you are on your path. It's also like riding a bicycle. A lot of this will come back to you fairly easily, and not nearly as confusing as it may have been when you were first learning about the moving targets and such.

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    Welcome back!

    All the best,

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    @highmtn ,It's funny but I do have a lot better understanding now of whats going on.I'm also slowing down with stuff and not trying to rush through.I have a question. I bought the program many moons ago when Ken was just getting popular on YouTube. Are the newer lessons much different then the one back then?
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    There have been some changes and updates but everything you learned before is still valid. Probably when you were here before, Ken may not have suggested stretching chest voice AND also bridging into head voice every day. That's what he recommends now, so that you will grow your chest voice through the stretching, and also maintain a good bridge into head voice for when you need to go into head voice.

    If you let either of these two skills lapse or weaken, that skill will atrophy. So the solution is simple: Keep bridging through your passaggio strong, and also keep doing exercises where you resist the urge to bridge, so that your upper chest voice will keep growing and strengthening.

    The workouts are the same. It's just that we do them TWICE, in these two different ways now, to make sure we keep our bridge working well, and that we also keep slowly growing our chest voice range.
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    Hi, @mivison. I am 53. I started singing when I turned 50. I find it both challenging and invigorating, though I have been out of the loop now for the past few months. I am hoping to pick up the lessons and dive in for 2018. I found that after 50, I just wanted to stream emotion through song, and do the best I could. It no longer mattered that I would not be an amazing singer, I just want to sing the few songs I have written, and the songs which inspire me, as best I can. All the best in your endeavors.
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    Definitely... I started the KTVA journey when I was 52 and I have surpassed what I could do in my 20's... and all without killing myself to do it!
    It all begins with the decision to move forward with it, the rest falls into place naturally :smile:
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