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Looking for a little inspiration...

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So ... i don't know if it's appropriate to make a topic like that here if im disrespecting some of the forum rules i feel very sorry

But the story was that i was on an classical music choir, i have made a exam, i have passed a exam, i have studied, every single day a classical repertoire, waiting to present myself in the choir at the end of this year but today everthing was cancelled, my teacher just gived up and i understand him, he was teaching by his own good will and things was going very hard to him on the school too

I will be truly sincere here, i have dedicated myself 110%, stopped seeing youtube videos from other coaches including Ken Tamplin to focus on belcanto, focus on the end year presentation i was waiting this presentation because that was for me the time to show what i'm made of and unblock myself from my fears. I am now with no coach again, alone

Those were 7 years alone trying to sing, i ve started just awfully bad, my mother was in depression, i was in depression, my brother was arrested, and so ... there was only me and my mother, so i found in metal the strength i need to survive this pain, so i started my journey here at my sixteen, i was completely tone deaf, i was not from a very musical family, before this ... i was more interested in computers than music so, when i started to sing i was the worst or one of the 20 worst singers of earth, maybe the top 10, like trying to sing C singing F# .. my first coach i guess i driven him insane but if was not him, i maybe has gived up from singing much earlier, i was taking classes with him for only 6 months before he moved to other state and i nevermore saw him again .. so i was "learning" alone for almost 6 years with not any result, i have gived up to sing many times but it's stronger than me, i just go back and try again no matter how much rejection i suffer, but man! i have started really, really bad, if there is something like talent of gift i'm sure that i can't have, nothing but willpower and determination have taken me so far today

so just at the start of this year i have met KTVA on youtube and build up confidence to start again so 7 years now, i finally started to consider myself a singer, a musician .. doing LAAH everyday just this made my voice grow really strong in very little time, i will be grateful to Ken Tamplin for all my life, thank you very, very much for what you've done to my life

well sincerely just with the free youtube content of KTVA i have improved like i never think dreamed that was humanly possible to me but i'm still have that fear "KTVA is soo extreme maybe it will damage my voice" that fear is blocking me to buy the course and start it really with the same dedication i gave to my other coach

I have this fear that i could damage my voice if i could study alone too, well ... i have gave a time to rock and roll , heavy metal etc.. to study just the basic belcanto first, but i guess maybe this could be the time to get back to heavy metal singing, this is that i really love to sing rigth? is that what made me live another day when the days was gloomy

So, i fell really sorry to be writing such a long text but ... i guess only singers could understand my fellings, i really don't know why being a singer is so much important to me than a regular job, why i gave so much of myself all those years with no return, no improvement I'ts not just really important to me to sing, is the only one thing that binds me alive, it's just the thing that make me alive


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    KTVA won't hurt your voice. How you use KTVA could cause you to hurt your own voice, but it's up to you to use it responsibly. Ken shows you how to use your voice properly. If you disregard that advice, then you're on your own.

    It's sad that you have had losses in your life. Depression can be a crippling thing. Losing your choir instructor is a setback. Hard times in your family situations can be discouraging.

    Most of us are here because we find something in music and in singing that connects with our inner self, our soul, if you will, that helps us to keep going when other things in life are not so much to our liking. Earning money in music is a great plus, but it's very difficult to make a complete living from music. We usually have to have a "Plan B" to keep us afloat in the event that stardom and fame do not rescue us from everyday life.

    Probably just about everyone on this forum that actually is following Ken's course will tell you that it works very well on your voice. We're not all rock stars or opera stars, but just about all of us have seen great changes in our voices that are very encouraging and even better than what we expected to happen as a result of buying Ken's course.

    It takes a reasonable amount of time to get the kind of results that will be quite obviously big improvements. Expect to work pretty hard for about a year to see some big improvements. Another year down the road, you'll see even more. As long as you keep working Ken's program, it keeps growing your voice. For YEARS.

    Singing well won't make other problems in life go away. But it may help to take some of the focus away from what you don't like and point it more towards things you DO like.

    KTVA is based in bel canto. But it's actually aimed more towards Rock and pop and more modern music, which does include metal.
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    WalterMeloWalterMelo Member, 2.0 PRO, STREAMING PRO Posts: 77
    sorry about this posting, i really don't like to write things like that but when i was going to delete i haven't found a button to do it :neutral: i will save money and no matter what i'm going to buy it at the end of this year, give the same dedication or even more! i fell like that after years and years later i finally found the rigth way to realize my dreams

    So i'm going to save money and come back at the end of december, thank you for all your help! the free content already helped me a lot! the forum! the videos! everything .. but it's time to get serious now, i was not being honest with myself trying to go far with not any investment in what is really important to me

    Thank you very, very much for everything i'm coming back later no more as a guest but as a student :smiley:
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    We'll be here. Take heart. Good things can happen. Sometimes it takes a while for things to line up.
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