Hello my name is Renaud!

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit! B)
My name is Renaud, I am from Montreal, Canada. (Yeah, I speak french like many people from the province of Quebec. ) :)

I suscribed to the "How to sing better than anyone else" a week ago, and I'm already seeing some serious progress!

I currently sing and play guitar in a french singing heavy metal band called Triforce.
You can have a listen to our first EP here:

I'm really at ease to sing with vocal distortion, in a style that can remind Lemmy from Motorhead.
However, I feel I can improve my clean singing as I'm really inspired by classic heavy metal / power metal bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Primal Fear.

I also sing in a Nirvana tribute band. I'm getting more at ease to sing Kurt Cobain song, but I would like to improve my tone to match his voice a little bit more.

So basically my goals are:

- improve my vocal range
- improve my clean vocal tone, power and pitch accuracy
- Be able to sing with a tone that is more similar to Kurt Cobain



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