Hello from the other side of the ocean

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Hello everyone,

my name is Martin. I am 23 years old and live in the Czech republic (a tiny country in the middle of Europe). I was always into the music and singing. When i was child, i went to the acordeon class for about 8 years, but it was something like - practise a day before the lesson and rest of the time go out with friends, or play computer games (classic teenager). I kinda regret that computer games, cos i could do something more creative instead, for example learning to play the piano, or guitar. But thanks to the games i learned to speak an English langauge quite well and i was literally enjoying this subject at school (it was one of my favourite), that is a positive thing. I started to learn to play the guitar (YT videos, chordbooks, etc) about 4 years ago and at the same time I started to sing. I mean, was singing as i was a tiny boy, but you know, it was just like i knew i can sing, but never went to a choir, or take classes to improve it.

So from that time, when i started to play the guitar and started singing propely i realised, it isnt bad, but it could be better. It is okay if i just wanted to sing to my friends at house parties, but i would like to do gigs for other people, who dont know me. My dream is to sing to people and be proud of what i am doing. So thats the reason i am here, i want to improve my vocal skills and i do believe, Ken will help with this (according to the reviews, he seems to be amazing).

I have been doing the weekend warior course for about month so far and now i am ready to hit the road and start the Volume 1 of Kens´ course. I believe, if you work hard, you can achieve almost everything. Nothing is imposible. :)

So thanks if you read this to the end, see ya in another discussions.


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    Hi, marttin! Nice to meet you!
    You're going to like the way Ken's course builds your voice!

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    Very cool, nice to meet you! :smile:
    Your voice as a whole will surely grow, but are there any specific parts about your voice you feel like you want to improve on that you're not happy with currently?
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    Hey @Magus ,
    mostly i need to improve hitting notes corectly. Especialy when i sing into the mic, at that time i think it is cool, but after i hear the record, i say - what the hell? how could i sing it that bad. :smiley: However, after one month of weekend warrior course i think magic happend and i am starting to hit the notes right. Then I would be delighted if my resonance gets better. I know there was a time, when my voice had no resonance, but after a little excercising it is starting to apper. There are plenty of another things, like mastering falseto, extend scale a little bit ets ets, it is going to be a long yourney. :)

    And nice esseay about your introduction by the way, wish you good like with your journey. :)
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    It looks like you know what improvements you're looking for. The course and forums should have sufficient information for you to get where you want to go, so good luck on your journey!

    Thanks for that, I did spend a lot of time on it. I lost my original post, so the one I posted is the 2nd one I wrote. So much for trying to make a first impression, haha.
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    welcome to the forum! It's a gold mine of knowledge!

    All the best,

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    Hi Martin!!! You're welcome!!!
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