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Stunning "Authority in Vibrato"! -How 2maintain Vibrato;Smooth Vocals [Moving slow song,by Ken..]

YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14

I listened 40++ times, to Ken's version. Very moved!  [This slow song, transparently exhibits Ken's skill + fine nice vocals (..wOw Wow...)]




** Very moving, Authoritative-Vibrato, dragged longgg & evenly (yet emotion-filled) --- perfectly suited to the melody + theme of this song!

--- How (&/ when) can I produce that ??... (if practice the audio warmups 3x daily, back-to-back?)


I had thought Ken's style is mostly "heavy rock -yelling type" ; a rock-singer

--- yet, how to still be able to deliver his GentlenessSmooth vocals (eg. in the 1st half of this song)?

Plus, Ken's voice now still sound young (does not sound old) --- all these, due to good preservation of vocals? (Really gotto know how to preserve vocalchords, right from the start...)


I've not heard many guy singers (Asians / Western) able to sing this combination of

--:  Clear pronounciation; with well-controlled  Emotions + Passion + volumePower + a sense of "abandonment  to the wind" + Style (no overly used amount of stylistic expression).

(Also the singing style was  not oldish/outdated...)


(Absolutely commanding, Screaming guitar-playing at 2:17 min! )

Great to hear Ken do not only just "heavy" rock styles;

Very appropriate, & emotional interpretation/ expression/ handling of the song. :CJ

This is a Beautiful moving version...!    PYJ !




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    KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    edited September 2012 Answer ✓
    Just copy and paste the original youtube link

    www.youtube.com/watch?v= xxxxxxxxx

    Don't have anything else on that link like &feature=player_embedded or what not and it'll automatically pop up as a big screen :)

    Also, it's the moderator's job to delete off duplicated comments. So yeah :D


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Yes, This is an awesome performance and recording.

    I have a little secret.  This person has been studying the KTVA method longer than anyone else...

    He did not learn to sing like this with SLS or by bridging early.


    See what we have to look forward to being more like if we stay the course?  Aren't you glad we found this guy?  It's much more than yelling!  ;^)



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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14
    edited September 2012

    yahahah! Indeed! And it IS  "Much more than yelling" that Ken can teach. Woo!

    Fast / noisy songs had never impacted me,

    unlike Slow, beautifully Moving, even melancholic songs.

    So it was not until I found the above amazing Slow song by Ken,

    then did I see that he has the techniques (crucial, foundational; longlasting) to help me in my style of singing, afterall. ...

       I am doing the warmups daily --- 1st set: with Chest (both Dudes + Divas, so as to build longer range; I'm female soprano, in the midst of waking up "chest voice") ,

    2nd round: Repeat Chest.  (becos had not utilised chest register much in the past; need to build it up) ,

    3rd round: Connection of chest to head;

    & if I still can continue, another 4th round with either chest or connection. =)

    >> Really thankful to the section under "Vol. 1"  ----  much relevant, spot-on solutions to my emerging issues as I start on the beginning...! <<

    All beginners ought to check out that highly informative section!

    In the beginning, it was abit difficult to train the whole scale in "pure CHEST" register!

    Until I saw that Koko said can go really LOUD, then did I dare to let the chest voice come out!

    (Good thing our high-rise apartment had built a "Storeroom" for each household; so I can go inside to just do: Loud Chest-voice! HEYYY, YO!)

    Thanks to all moderators & other contributors, for all your insightful contributions, right from Vol 1 (",)  -- Cheryl YAHFavored




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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    Cheryl, Ken can sing anything.   Ken has broken into stuff like Sam Cooke to demonstrate things to me before and I felt like applauding.

    Check out Ken nailing the Elvis classic at the 2:30 mark:


    As far as your question on vibrato, you'll want to hold off until you get comfortable with Vol 3.  Vibrato is the "last release valve" and you need to get a handle on everything up to that point first to be able to fall into the stress-free vibrato that Ken uses/teaches. 
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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14

     Elvis' "wise men say..." sung with low larynx, yea smooth!

    B.t.w, vibrato-wise, after Ken replied to me to press down on diaphragm & I applied all the support of posture & breathing,

    now sometimes my vibrato can come out.

    [Hey guys... an I.T related technical qn... How did you all paste the Youtube link & in the end, a "direct screen of the video" appears???

    How come my pasting of the Youtube link, in the end only the address / URL "one-liner words" appeared instead of a screen like what you all could?]


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    voodoovoodoo Pro Posts: 250
    That <iframe...>...</iframe> is some HTML formatting that shouldn't be there when you post the URL.   It's a youtube video that's embedded in a page and all of the embedded html was copied.   Try to copy just the video URL next time (this can be one of the options when you right click the video itself) or if you are on the youtube.com site just copy the URL from the browser's address field (the "//http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... " and without the quotes).  Hopefully this works.
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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14
    edited September 2012

    Hee, Voodoo, those 2 options were what I tried before;  but when I go back to review this Q&A topic,

    my link still appears as a mere "one-liner of words".

    * But when I scroll down to see your entry,

    a good big youtube "video screen grab of Ken" is right there embedded in your entry.

    -- ie. your link came out as a "video screen"; but mine came out as "words / scripts".   ?puzzled?

      When you yourself review this whole Q&A topic, you don't experience what I did?

    Or perhaps, it could be that, certain videos when their URL is being copied & pasted,

    would appear as "mere script words" whilst some other videos would appear as a "video screen". 

    Hah.. am I making sense... herr. Nevermind if you don't have the answer ultimately  :CJ

    Thks thks!  :CJ

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    I am the mysterious deleter, but don't tell anybody!  I left one copy of each post :^)

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    YhWhFavoredYhWhFavored Enrolled Posts: 14
    edited September 2012

    Right Koko, thks for the info. And now the video screen can be seen above.

    Great for us, & future readers of this post, to enjoy & Focus on learning Ken's honed techniques, like in the amazing videos in particular highlight above.  :CJ

    Glad to have found Ken indeed, as Bob said.


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