Hi i'm new

Hi, as i wrote in the title, i'm a new member. I'm a 16 yo guy from Italy, i sing with a vocal coach since last year, but when i listen to my registered voice (without mic) i don't like at all. I asked and they brought me here to let you listen my voice and give some advices of what's wrong


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    Hi! welcome to the forum.

    Great that you choose KTVA for advice. I would not mix several vocal methods, but choose a method that really works. A method that shows the results, a teacher that can demonstrate everything, and students who can be living testimony for the program. KTVA shows all of this!

    All the best,

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    Got it

    I was thinking about choosing both because my teacher studied with lots of great italians singers (like Michele Luppi), he is in a heavy metal and progressive metal band, where he rocks (in both), and singed with skid row in some shows, also he has quite a lot of students who rock, plus he is italian so i can understand him better, but he also can't hear that sound i don't like, maybe i don't sing like that in school, i will make him listen my recordings in the next lesson to make sure, so i don't know what to do :(

    If i have also to say what genre i want to reach is metal, progressive metal/rock (greg lake, mikael arkfeldt, daniel gildenlow, rody walkers to quote some of them)

    plus i do growl without hearing any hurt in my voice, even after an hour of full growl (but i don't like to use it so i don't use a lot)
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    The foundation that is built in KTVA is a very strong one, and most effective when you dedicate your time completely and only to KTVA. Some things from other methods can be very counter-productive.

    I do not know anything about your teacher, and maybe he has awesome technique. We can not judge that for you from here. Maybe you can let him have a look at the KTVA method? Do you have the course?

    All the best,


  • Hey Lance, Couple of quick comments regarding the use of two singing techniques.
    #1, You said you were sent here by your coach. That would tell me something right there.
    #2, You're here so there must be something about this program that you aren't getting from your coach.

    This program has it all. You will never hear anybody here refer you to another coach/program because this program has everything.
    As Ben said, I don't know your coach, and he could be a great coach, but he did send you here for a reason.

    Peace, Tony
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