Hi Bob....Hope youve Recovered from your Birthday mate...
I have posted 4 tunes here. I have done 3 of them before (Suspicious Minds I have never posted)
I know my voice is getting much more stronger and,and,and....
I have also placed the vocals up a bit so you can get a real good listen.
I have discovered a better way of recording now....I will discuss this with you ( it is a weird discovery by the way)
I Really hope you like these Bob.
Hope to Hear from You.
Cheers Tom


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    Your singing is good, but it seems like you need more weight to your sound, especially on the Elvis tunes.
    The volume of your vocals against the music is right where you want it to be.
    In a mix the drums and vocals are always the loudest.
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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Reposted the Elvis tunes as well as a new Demo....Whitesnake..Here I go Again...Cheers

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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited November 2017
    This is your best work to date, Tom. Good Job. I guess the blank posts here are ones you updated?

    I heard Wildflower, Jail Break, Can't Stop Falling In Love, and Suspicious minds. I liked them best in that order, with Wildflower being the most spot-on.

    I have recovered from my birthday, but there's probably another one on the way for next year. ;-)

    Interested in hearing about your weird discovery. :o

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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Hey Bob..So Sorry I didnt respond to your post sooner, Ive had a few Internet issues my side. Thanks for your comments mate.
    The 'Discovery' is with the way I have been recording in the past. This whole process is to do with the DAW, levels, mono/stereo, a whole bunch of stuff (wont go into all the details) but the end result is the sound coming into my headphones sits Much better now. Before I found with the way I had it I just didnt breath properly and felt I was 'competing' against the instrumental and just basically trying to sing with very little air. I thought I was and as a result really ended up straining a bit though it. I have Never recorded in a proper studio before, so I really dont know what its like.
    Anyway Bob I do feel better recording now (I am still adapting to the new way).
    I have recorded a Real Challenging Tune here....You know what it is....
    What you think?.......
    Cheers Mate. Tom

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    You're sounding much more free in your voice, now, Tom. Overall, pretty good, but that note at 2:52 is a definite fixer-upper. A couple of owies here and there, but the sound of your voice and freedom in your singing is like a new person.
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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Cheers Bob. I am Going to do this again and post it. Im improving on this daily (Recording that is). Im getting much more confident singing with headphones on now.....I know this has been a longstanding issue with me, but Im getting over this quickly. I am Confident that my recording performances are going to be much better now...and this in turn, is correcting everything else.....like not sliding ect, ect. I feel that I can now concentrate on my overall performance...The funny part of 'That note' is that I can get there, but I was getting nervous up to that point and butchered it somewhat, but Not in the fear that I may Not get it, But the fear that I may actually get it!....Experience is everything.
    Cheers Bob...You will be hearing from me soon.
    Have a Good One Mate. Tom
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