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Hey Gang,
I wish Id bought one of these back when they were in production. ARRRRG!!!!..LOL...Anyway, just wonderin if anyone has owned either of these and could eloborate alittle on your personal pros/cons..Ive got a Taylor 810 with stereo pups installed (HB in the hole and piezo in the bridge) and really need an amp thats able to do resturants/ flea markets, small clubs etc. PA just aint cuttin it anymore. PA was OK in the 70s/80s but need a better sound nowdays and just need it for the gtr really.Ive read reviews on the amps that are out now and I dont think Id like them...Its been my exp that Im happier with the perfomance of gear made before 2000.Dont care for most gear made in the 21st..BILL G done away with MIDRANGE!!!..LOL....Anyway, would appreciate some info.


  • You can find them all over the internet.

    Peace, Tony
  • THEKIDDTHEKIDD Member Posts: 5
    Yeah, Ive seen 4-5 listings in the last few days...Ill likely get one but first wanted to hears some reviews from players who've put them through the paces...I ran sound for a guy 20yrs ago who use one for both PA and gtr and have turned all the knobs EQing the room but never use one personally...He drove his too hard and it was always distorting..LOL..Id back his gains down , 15 min later.......LOL...Thanks for the reply.
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