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Introducing myself

GNAGNA Posts: 11Member
edited November 2017 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
This vocal course is just what I've been looking for. I am not new to singing in front of strangers though. In 2014 I auditioned for a movie roll of George Donner in the musical film: The Donner Party the Musical. I studied just one song every night for 3 weeks, and I got the part. I trained some a few years back with CDs : Can you sing a high C by Thomas Appell, but it seemed to be lacking in the head voice area, and I got sort of high in the chest voice. I just sang in my church last Sunday, a song called Hallelujah, the Christian version, and everyone applauded, and some were touched. I've never thought of my singing as very good and really never liked the sound of my own voice. I am now starting to get used to it. I need a lot of work and I feel I am in just the right place. I am 66 years old, but don't think it's too late.


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