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My name is Josh, and I've wanted to learn to sing for a long time. I truly believe anyone can learn because I have seen how much I've improved. Back in the day, I would have been one of those singers that Simon Cowell would say was the worst he ever heard and to never sing again. Now, I might be okay at a really drunk karaoke lol. Hope to move on up to small time gigs and songwriting. Not trying to have a career or anything, but singing is a new way of expression. In using Ktva and a lot of other sources plus a vocal coach. I've noticed in having a problem with the how to's for translating vocal exercises into song mechanics. My vocal coach says I overpronounce words as well. Here is a clip of my singing (please forgive how terrible it sounds but if like any advice!) thanks!



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    Hey Josh, good to hear you are making good ground with it!
    The only caveat I might offer is in that mixing concepts and programs can lead to some unexpected and unwanted results. Ken states quite clearly that at least till you assimilate the full content, to check the other stuff at the door. But in the end, that decision is entirely up to you.

    PS - I can't seem to open that link here at work (firewall)


    And I hope you have a great weekend!

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    Thanks Phillip! I really do enjoy the KTVA program. But I will admit, the one thing I don't agree with him on is not using other sources (especially Fel). I have found many different sources have compiled together to help me understand all the different areas of singing. I have learned that exposing myself to different ways of thinking about breathing, mask, etc helps me learn faster. Especially since an image or way of thinking about a concept can be somewhat subjective and not all viewers may understand it. That being said, I follow the exercise instructions in all my exercises. And I am looking forward to seeing how far I get over the next few years!
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