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Hello! I am new to the Ken Tamplin forums and I'm just now getting into daily routine of doing the full exercises to grow my voice. I notice that when I do the open throat technique and exercises, my voice does get the brightness or tamber as Ken has said it should in the videos. And as a singer, I've always wanted to be able to really belt and have a strong voice. I've had moments where I could belt my voice but not very reliably or healthily. I've had constant problems with cracking and have been told it sounds like I'm forcing my voice which I think I probably was too haha
When I speak normally, I have a sweet and soft, high voice because it's just the way I've always talked my whole life being a shy girl. I have been noticing that when I do the exercises, my chest voice feels very, very weak and wobbles a little before it settles into the tamber. This especially happens when I'm singing low notes.
My question is do your past speaking habits and the way you talk eventually determine how developed your vocal cords are when trying to belt? For example, does a person who naturally projects when they talk tend to have a stronger belting voice? For me, I cannot project my voice very well even when speaking for a presentation! So I'm just wondering overall how the vocal chords are developed differently just from speaking growing up... Please and thank you! - Kylie


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    @kmons502 Welcome Kylie. Your singing voice can definitely be grown to be very different to your speaking voice. The best example I know of is Jim Nabors who played the role of Gomer Pyle in a show of the same name. I’ll post an example below.

    Think of our voice a bit like the average person that never goes to the Gym. Some will be strong from their day to day activity e.g. an office worker vs a builder. Yet others will be naturally very lean, while others very muscular. But all, if they put the effort in, can become very muscular by working out at a gym.

    You can build your voice too. For voice, we don’t lift weights, we do exercises to grow the power we need.

    Example of the contrast of Jim talking vs Singing


    And Jim singing


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    @stratman Thank you so much for getting back so quickly and answering my question! That video example was perfect haha!
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