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Hey I noticed there isn't much coverage of anything country related in the Vocal course, at least to my knowledge anyway anyone have any tips when singing country music?? any help appreciated! thanks!


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    Put it this way, the way that Ken's course develops your voice, you'll eventually be able to sing anything from Judas Priest to Pavarotti... and yes Keith Urban falls somewhere in between that spectrum :wink:
    You'll learn the safe way to do things so that you'll be able to carry it on indefinitely.
    Where you take it, is entirely up to you, and the sky is the limit!



    PS - I once overheard a music snob state that he disowned his own niece (in-law) for liking country music! This infuriated me, as all music is beautiful art, if you have ears to hear.
    As a youth, I used to play with my father and his nephew while we sat around campfires. We played country... old school at that! I'm talking Ernest Tubb, Charlie Pride, Hank Williams etc... I loved it and still think on it very fondly.
    My wife loves modern dance music, and I see the beauty of the rhythm and melodies there too!
    The spirit of the music is alive in all of it, for those of us who have ears to hear it :blush:

    I for one don't get caught up in labels.
  • I sing rock, country, r&b, etc..........If thats what you like, thats what you sing.

    Peace, Tony
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    As far as tips go, when singing country, it's common to allow a "cry" or "yodel" in the voice at the passaggio. In fact, it's almost obligatory. That sound has just become a signature of country music in a lot of artists.

    Singing well in a variety of other genres requires you to be able to pass through the passaggio without the yodel. So Country singers who want to be able to sing other genres need to learn to connect without a yodel, and then use it as a tool when desired.
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