Finally Off Anti Depressants: it's Late in Life but I got all the time to Learn 2 Sing

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Hello yall :):) ,

Newbie here, got the course and really want to be able to sing the songs I write. I really don't care about popularity and all that. What I want is to be able to sing out the songs that I hear when I listen to an instrumental track. Before I went on Anti-Depressants several years ago, I found out I could make songs by watching all the Youtube help videos. I loved making songs using Cubase 7.5, an instrumental track, a mic and Waves Audio Plugins. I also spent a lot of time playing guitar but I was still struggling to play a few chords after 6 months of daily playing and moved on: I might go back to it but don't have the time.

I was making a song once a month for a few years until I started the medication: then it all stopped. I finally got off the meds and now I want to be able to make songs so I have two goals. 1) to sing well to some degree so I can sing out what I hear. 2) to learn mixing skills so I can produce songs using Cubase

I am not looking to go PRO here. So I am hoping to spend the next 3 months just on a the basic singing foundation as I learn mixing skills on the side. Eventually I will have to figure out how to build a sound booth because the walls here in this apartment are thin.

I am hoping to make other friends and learn from their progress and experiences.


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    @rickyogima welcome. I wish you all the best with your endeavors. I made a sound booth due to my teenage son playing drums. In my case it turned into building a room inside a room. I built a free standing room with a ton of insulation and special acoustic sealant. Well worth it. Inside our house, you can hardly notice him playing :)
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