Holiday Greetings to Fellow Singer-Songwriters, Singer-Arrangers, & Folksingers

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For Hanukkah I'm trying posting some a few recordings on SoundCloud. This gives a sense of a "Before" picture of where my voice has been before starting this program. Most of my traditional liturgical recording goes on my synagogue's website, (or way back on a CD released by Naxos ages ago). But I sometimes write and arrange, and try to sing, more ambitious projects, some more secular, pop, or folk, or even occasionally some soft-rock. For now, though, aside for my daily conducting of morning and evening services and some instructional recordings, I'm taking a break from big projects and going back to singing basics with this course to try and give myself some room to grow. At this point I'm singing and occasionally writing lyrics in Hebrew, as well as using some folk material in Judeo-Espanol (Ladino) Spanish dialect. Writing and arranging music can be exhausting and time-consuming, but I do have to push myself to realize my ambitions, and not let the day-to-day grind get in the way. And I want to keep up with my running, and get back to regular swimming and maybe even return to yoga. So, Happy holidays, singer-songwriters and fellow musicians. Wishing you much progress (and time to spend on your own personal growth in the coming secular year! And don't stay up late too many nights trying to absorb all of this new 2.0 course material from Ken (It's pretty exciting and addictive, but I think I can credit the late hours with my first major cold of the season).


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