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Dear Ken, will you pretty please do a cover/demonstration of some Chris Stapleton singing?

MoftemMoftem Enrolled Posts: 114
I've asked about this numerous times in youtube comments as well, but I guess it's not easy to get heard there, through all the other comments. But I really wish to hear you take on that guy. His voice has been making waves for the last couple of years, since his career exploded at the country music awards in 2015 when he performed with Justin Timberlake. Chris' voice seems very hard to classify in terms of genre. It's just so f*****g good! He is great at thinning out chest voice when he goes up, and when he applies vocal distortion he rocks my world to its core. He has a strong voice that rips right through you, and he really tells a story. I think he is right up your alley, Ken. People would love it if you did one of his songs, and it would be a good way to showcase your abilities and thereby the course. Merry Christmas!
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