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Initial Feedback needed

I want to start KTVA course, and really need your feedback. I am a songwriter and would like to sing my own songs, but I feel I have the following problems:

1. Pitch issues - you can hear me singing Lah, and see in the analyzer (Waves tune-look the orange line – that’s my voice without correction) that I each note is started off pitch (usually slightly above the correct pitch going up and below the pitch going down the scale). The biggest issue with the first note of the scale. Sometimes not able to reach the highest note of the octave. (However, range extension is not my top priority). Here are my Lah and Lay exercises and screenshots from Waves tune.



2. I feel like I lack sustain for the notes, so I can go off pitch during a long note
3. My voice seems to be to muddy, it lacks the mid-range, especially when I sing in low volume, and I feel like singing quietly because it seems that this way I am controlling better the pitch (listen to one of my songs, typical issues there)


What would be your advice, I am probably to start with the begginners lessons, which parts to focus on the most? I want to progress, but at the same time I don’t want to build to much harshness in my voice. I would like to keep it a little bit dreamy.

Thanks a lot for your help!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    As far as which lessons to start with, are you thinking of doing the streaming program or the download/hardcopy version? The reason I ask, is all of the programs start with the same beginning. The "beginners" program takes longer for you to get the lessons. It's the least expensive, but also the slowest-progress.

    The difference is in how far each program takes you. All start with Volume 1. They just vary with how far you go before they end.

    Beginners streaming only takes you through Volume 1. If you plan to go beyond that, you might as well take the intermediate streaming, which takes you all the way through Volume 5.

    Beginners Download or DVD takes you through Volume 3. Intermediate Download or DVD/USB takes you through Volume 5.

    Your pitch is a bit unstable. Your support is a bit unstable. You are singing very tentatively. That may be what you mean by "dreamy", but that contributes to your pitch issues.

    You need to work on your basic foundation and get a baseline of stability for your voice. Then if you want to keep it soft rather than belting and singing with more power, that is an option you can choose. But that's not a matter of which program you should select. You should select a program that will take you as far as you want to go.
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    I joined KTVA (pro version) for the same reason. I'm a songwriter that wanted to sing my own songs.
    As a songwriter this course is a tool that you really can't afford not to have.
    By the growing popularity of the course, I would say get it now while it really is affordable.

    Peace, Tony
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    kajmankajman Member, STREAMING PRO Posts: 23
    Thank you both for your feedback. I've been studying the course options yesterday and since I've decided to go for streaming, it looks like Immediate or Pro are better matching my progression needs.
    I've been doing some of Ken's exercises from YT for a few days and I think it proves what you said about belting and singing with more power being essential to reach more stability in pitch and support.
    Hope will be able to share some progress after a month or two.
    All the best, Lukas
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