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Dream on Dream on..

hi KTVA how you doing? i hope you are doing grate

it been nearly 1 month im practicing and this is my first home recording, i dont have headphone yet the old one is broken so the recording and my voice aint sat well,i would like your opinions as im a beginner singer i would like to hear you to be honest its 1 week im training with ken tampalin's advises about singing,and i want to improve if anything missing, regards Raulie.


  • How are you Raulie. First, your pitch is really good, but it was way too gritty for my taste. For me it was kind of like Alice cooper doing Dream On. As far as just starting out, it wasn't bad until you tried to hit those high notes at the end, but I haven't seen many people be able to do it either.

    Peace, Tony
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    @videoace hi thanks for replay,honestly i did not know about alice cooper untill you mention it, i know its weird its cuz' i jump in to the rock world like a newbie and find out its really what i want its like what mends my soul, i just search and listen to his poison song,i wont fake anyone but i like this tone i sing, i can do whatever i want with this tone go high and low and play around,i have register for next year the voice program, im agreeing with you about high notes at the end which im trying out those to make the scream section proper as i did mention im practicing about 1 month.
  • @Raulie It sounds like you're frying your cords when you sing like that. Are you doing it safely? Does singing like that bother your throat?
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    @videoace exactly,i do warm up befor singing and i feel comfort,the truth is with my normal voice i cant hit high notes pretty good like this,i can change to head voice and switch back to chest voice on this tone and i have not any problem while singing.

    @blondiewales hi and thanks for listening and replay,i use audacity and i did record as i set my voice record stereo, good to know that i need it sat to mono, im really new with these staff,im gonna redo the record :blush: thanks for your opinion i really need this cuz i want to know what am i doing at the beginning to be honest the city i do live and the ppl around me dont know anything about this type of music properly and i practice by my self and my way and i have nearly 1 year to get ready for the voice so i just keep practicing and putting my works here to be guided at the moment i keep practicing with ken tamplin's youtube videos and im thinking about the packages but im not sure yet what i need to do for next stage.
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