Documenting some progress and some questions// pushing chest vs. finding release

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Hey friends of singing,

I've been consistently working on my voice for the last 8 weeks. I can feel some results, and here is some documentation:

Before I started with Ken's program I had troubles singing an E over middle C with confidence and power, not to speak of tone....

3 weeks into program

8 weeks into program
As I progress I'm getting a better feel for "equalizing" the voice, but there's still guesswork. Maybe you can tell me what you hear: 

on this sample I'm trying to get rid of as much pressure as possible, little boys voice with a bit of mix, mask, some vibrato

On this one I'm trying to sound as powerful as possible - the question is, do I really have more power?

Which one do you like better?
Any feedback is highly appreciated! You guys are awesome.

Peace - Ulrich


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    As I said in the other post you included these clips on, your progress is remarkable. 

    On the original version, your tone is much darker.  The mask version is getting closer to what I think it is that will sound best, but I think you can make it even more "little boy voice" and also brighten it up as much as you can.  Your pitch is really good, and the music rocks.  All of your instrumental work is really good.

    I can envision your voice when you develop it a little more and start to introduce a little bit of distortion and belting.  It's going to be killer, man!  You are wise to wait until you have gotten to that portion of the program where your voice will be ready for regulated, metered-out drive and safe distortion, with protection by use of glottal compression.  That sound will really mesh well with the musical sound you've already got going.  Your vocal future will be bright (literally) and your recordings will really come alive when you reach that point.  You're getting really close.  Keep working the program, and it's a given!

    You ROCK, Dude! 


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    In the second version you sound more normal but on the higher notes you are forcing your larynx down, swallowing your voice and losing the bright timbre that allows you to access a more normal tone by raising the soft palate.

    You are probably creating more pressure than necessary by making that dopey dark sound on the first words...The vowel you are singing is 'AA' for 'have' in the first word so why don't you try sliding up to that first notes using the 'AA' vowel from where you use it in the lower notes later on?  You could then 'sing' through that section on the vowel in the bright sound and then try putting the words back in.  Should be easy once you see that the 'AA' vowel is what you should be singing on the first notes.  Just a suggestion.
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    Hey Ulrich,

    I like the last demo the best. here's something to think about.  It sounds like your tongue may be rising at the back of your mouth choking off some of the tone. Try to keep it down at first, and then you can graduate to making it concave and lowering it as you sing higher. In the word Day at the end of the chorus, you are closing down the sound too soon. Try singing it with more Eh in the sound, don't close down to the Ee until the very end of the word. You could even try keeping it as the Aa vowel as in Hat, then move to Eh as you get more comfortable. The support on this demo is a lot stronger, but you will in time find even more power. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your input! Y'all got some good points..... 
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